Edinburgh’s got a hot property and job market right now, it brings some of the biggest arts festivals to its streets every year, and on top of all that, the city does a great job of keeping itself looking beautiful.

Regardless of what kind of person you are, Scotland’s capital has something to offer – and it shows, because more and more people are trying to set up camp in the heart of the city.

Great for Students

With both Edinburgh Napier University and The University of Edinburgh enjoying such great reviews, it makes sense that a load of students are flocking to Edinburgh.

A great deal of Edinburgh City Centre is populated with students, and for good reason – the city centre not only is minutes away from lecture halls and libraries, it also offers bars, clubs, comedy and music for the budding scholars to enjoy.

Aside from what’s already there to whet their appetites, Edinburgh is also renowned for holding a myriad of amazing festivals and gatherings in and around the city centre.

The local students are treated to The Edinburgh Fringe each year – the world’s largest arts festival – where comedians congregate to get their spot in the limelight. The festival even offers free shows for those who can’t afford to see the big up-and-comers.

Great for Shoppers and Luxury-seekers

Scotland’s capital provides some excellent shopping opportunities in the form of its remarkable range of shopping centres and shopping high streets.

The most famous of all is Princes Street, which runs straight through the heart of the city and is home to top brands such as Apple, House of Fraser and Swarovski.

George Street runs parallel to Princes Street and offers even more top brands and luxury restaurants and bars, such as the TigerLily townhouse, All Bar One and The Dome.

Great for Workers, both Locally and Internationally

Those in search of active work lives, can find solace in a place like Edinburgh.

The City of Edinburgh Council does everything it can to maintain the low unemployment rate the city holds, creating as many vacancies as possible to keep Edinburgh prosperous. This has brought a great deal of new residents with new jobs, and the most popular place to live is in the city.

Thanks to Edinburgh’s stellar public transportation systems there are very few corners of the city that are not within easy reach. Living in the city eliminates the need for a car, so they needn’t worry about stressful driving commutes. The city also accommodates international businessmen and women through its wide-ranging travel options. The city centre is not too far from Edinburgh’s airport and it’s mainline train station.

Great for Wanderlust

From the majesty of Arthur’s Seat and Edinburgh Castle, to the quaint cobblestone streets of the Royal Mile, Edinburgh brings in the tourists who revel in their own wanderlust, and, unsurprisingly, those folks are looking to stay.

Edinburgh is a great city for the culture-buffs to settle down – the peace and serenity that Old Town and the greener parts of Edinburgh provide make for good second homes.

The city centre connects to everything via public transport, but going for those wistful walks through the humbler parts of Edinburgh is half the fun. The city holds awe-inspiring sights nearly everywhere you look.

Edinburgh is certainly popular. The city attracts all ages to its beautiful streets, whether they are there to learn, soak in the local history, or those simply wanting to nurture a promising career. Edinburgh is where all of this can take place.

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