Empathy and charisma are two traits that are expected from business leaders. These factors can help them to communicate with many people, regardless of their social and professionalism levels. With charisma and empathy, it is possible for us to see everything from an entirely different perspective. Once we can be better empathize and understand employees or customers, it would be much easier to build trust. We would never achieve the best results if we don’t build trust among employees and customers.

There are constant debates in the society if leaders are developed or born. But with some research, we could find that they can be developed. Although some people can be born with a number of traits that can help them to be leaders, they could also learn to be excellent leaders.

Charisma and empathy are two things that we can learn. Socrates said “know thy self” and we could better understand ourselves if we could better understand others. This allows us to have an insight on our weaknesses and strengths. This will also help us to know what traits that can be developed further. As an example, some business owners lack the public speaking skill and this is one thing that they can improve by joining some organizations that allow their members to do public speaking sessions.

A good way to learn public speaking is by discussing things that are actually our passions. We may not believe that people are born with the ability to empathize and show charisma, but they surely have the potential to learn these things and use them to boost their leadership performance.

Leaders are often required to take an incredibly different path and more drastic approaches. In these situations, they often need to do things that could harm others financially. As an example, it may be required to reduce the number of workforce to keep the company running during difficult economy situation. Even so, they should be able to pinpoint the right decision that can keep their employees in the company.

It is important for business leaders to empathize with the potential difficulties that employees and the general public could experience due to specific decisions. This will help business leaders to nurture their charisma. These excellent leaders have the distinct behaviours that they should have if they wish to lead. Developing ourselves as charismatic leaders with proper empathy could be quite a task in itself.

It is often believed that formal and informal training can help business owners to develop their leadership capabilities. However, many of these trainings are not aimed to help leaders improve their charisma and empathy. There could management- and executive-level training sessions that can develop these traits, which could be used for a variety of situations.

Many have started to link leadership qualities with empathy and charisma. Any study would find that leaders with these traits could achieve financial success with less conflict and it is possible for them to maintain their position and successes longer.