After the loss of life of a student that has tried out an experimental remedy against cancer acquired online, China has opened up an investigation from the giant Baidu.

The young Chinese language called Wei Zexi, perished previous month from a unusual form of cancer tumor, found treatment from a Medical Center that was the very best of the search list on Baidu. It has often been criticized for advertising advertisements to the largest bidders without really determine their skills.

It’s the greatest Chinese internet search engine with 70% market talk about and over 660 million utilizing their mobile to make regular searches. It’s very often set alongside the American large Yahoo. On Baidu, the entries for being paid to get a Visible spot of the list is reduced by a tiny poster stating “promoted”, but many believe this poster does not plainly defined as paid advertisements.

The pursuing the annals Thursday, the business’s value has slipped more than $ 5 billion, following its shares fell in America to new analysis by the regulator of Chinese language Internet. Shares detailed on the Nasdaq Baidu dropped 7.92%.

Baidu is facing a genuine reliability problem now. It is a very important factor for the business to market its first seats in research to the best bidder but it is another to learn how to control the consequences after having a boy dies of cancer after having trusted the search result located the surface of the list, was what were an established hospital with the right treatment for him.Baidu evaluate websites by hand and frequently arbitrarily. It really is difficult to learn how Baidu rates websites. Many Chinese language SEOers speak about a possible problem of the ranking managers, or fraudulent results if you release an marketing campaign via Baidu.

Brands seem first on the keyword already, and Baidu developed a particular available area for these brands, that you need to pay. Naturally the email address details are better, most users buying a brand being much more likely to buy products or stick to the website.

When you do marketing for a brand name, you are then trapped: the rest of the brands and the competition pay this service, which means you don’t have an option and so you need to pay too. One reason behind that is the fact SEM promotions of big brands are monitored by Chinese language companies usually, who don’t become premium brands should respond. With this kind of methods, Baidu causes brands to buy Baidu Brandzone (very costly), also to pay SEM promotions on the name, to be able to avoid the competition from buying their keywords. This makes the costs get higher, and produces earnings for Baidu.

Very few internet pages of typical websites are indexed by Baidu, which pushes websites to pay advertising to be able to have significantly more visibility. A lot of the indexed internet pages are indexed from the homepage. That’s the reason Chinese language homepages have a large number of links, and that you’ll require to scroll on a regular basis.

Most critics say that Baidu only wishes money: it restricts the natural results, restricts the website’s internet pages, enables every company do advert for anything, causes the brands to pay to seem, puts forward its websites.

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