A website has become a necessity for both online and offline businesses. It is a definite way to cater your online customers. Since large number of people use internet in their daily lives, a website can widen your customer base and boost the revenue of your company. Just building a website isn’t the end work, after creating a website you need to rent a space on the Internet to display it and you need a hosting provider for this. Web hosting services work on two platforms, Linux and Windows. You can choose any one of them as per your need and compatibility of your website.

Window is a very old and a reliable webhosting platform based on Microsoft software and programming. Though Linux hosting seems more attractive, but window has its own charm. Millions of websites are running on windows hosting and they are no less successful than websites of any other platform. This blog will discuss the main features and advantages of windows hosting.

Windows web hosting – Windows is the oldest web hosting services on the internet. It is based on the windows operating system and uses ASP, HTML codes and ASP.net to host a website on the internet. It stores the information of websites on a web server and releases it through an application in the browser when someone visits a site.

Advantages of Windows Web Hosting- Weather windows are a good fit for your website or not, it depends on the specification of your website. If your website is based on Microsoft software and programming, windows is your best bet. Below give points will further illustrate the compatibility and benefits windows hosting.

  • If you have used ASP or ASP.net script in your website, let the windows run it because this Microsoft script does not work on Linux system.
  • If you are a novice in web designing, you can take help of basic services of windows.
  • Though windows web hosting is expensive, but it offers stable and reliable service. It is basically used by larger businesses and websites.
  • Microsoft Exchange server is another reason for choosing windows. It is a communication tool which helps your employees in coordination and management of work; again it works only on windows hosting websites.
  • If you want to use Hyper – V, Which streamlines your IT department and reduces hardware needs, you have no other choice than windows.
  • Basically to avail all the Microsoft services and applications you need windows web hosting.
  • Most people have used windows operating system at some point in their life so they are familiar with it and a windows based hosting will make their work easier
  • You can easily develop a windows based app for your website if you have windows hosting
  • If you want to use Microsoft SQL server database, you have no other option than Windows
  • MS Sharepoint, MS Access, ASP and ASP.net are only compatible with windows hosting

Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting both provides good services. You can choose any of them based on the needs of your website. Windows gives you access to all Microsoft based application on the other hand Linux is economical and more secure than Windows. Linux is an open source while Windows does not have this facility.

Windows are easy and comfortable as most of us are familiar with it and have used it in our computers and laptops. If we talk of support you will have a difficult time finding a person expert in Linux variants, whereas windows has its own help resources and there are sufficient information available on every version of windows on the internet.

Author Bio: With a degree in IT, Kathleen Collins has worked with the top hosting companies for over a decade. Currently, she works with Hosting Reviews, providing an in-depth evaluation of the various hosting companies listed. You can follow her @Twitter.