Even small and emerging businesses need a competent website today. Not just that, the website must be easy to maintain, scalable and capable of working across various platforms. ASP.NET is the perfect vehicle for this.

ASP.NET is an open-source web application framework. Originally developed by Microsoft, it was meant to help developers to build dynamic website and webpages. Over the years it has become a favourite of developers who find it easy to use and deploy. But more than that, it has found wide application for businesses, especially emerging and small businesses.

Dependability: A major reason for ASP.NET popularity is no doubt because it was developed by Microsoft. The tech giant’s support and the stability its software offers made it an automatic option for developers even when it was launched. Since then Microsoft has shown enough commitment to the program for developers to park their trust in its dependability. A small business can depend on the website created on a reliable framework, which will last the test of time.

Security: ASP.NET has an excellent and robust security framework. It uses multiple security parameters to make sure that the program keeps running. The fact that it has a secured framework within Microsoft Windows makes ASP.NET applications doubly secure. For small businesses this is a critical factor since they can rarely afford an expensive security regimen.

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Microsoft backing: Being backed by Microsoft’s formidable support structure is the reason ASP.NET spread so fast in a such a short time. A business with limited resources wants to invest in technology that is not just fast and convenient, but also backed by a reliable name. The accessible tech support and ease of working with other Microsoft software makes it doubly attractive.

Better collaboration: ASP.NET was developed to create dynamic web pages, which means that it encourages the collaboration between businesses, developers and architects. It was created for better control and usage by the end user, giving managers the tools to control the quality and development of the process.

Cross-platform compatibility: No business can ignore the mobile platform today, least of all a small business. In fact, the mobile is the most popular, reliable and efficient way of reaching users without using truckloads in marketing and advertisements. This makes a mobile-enabled framework all the more important. Additionally, it must have cross-platform compatibility. Studies have shown that most users prefer a similar experience between their mobile and desktop interface.

ASP.NET not only has compatibility across the mobile and desktop, it also works on other operating systems. Although this was a considered a liability earlier, Microsoft has recently worked aggressively to see that ASP.NET is equally compatible with OS and Linux.

Superior framework: Finally ASP.NET itself provides multiple advantages to both developers and users like small businesses. It has a comprehensive set of extensions and plug-ins that allow for greater quality control and flexibility. It facilitates documentation through relevant tools and it can be compiled without the source code.

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