Of all the equipment your lab spends money on, glassware can be one of the most expensive or least expensive, depending on how you buy. If you are one of those who looks to get the least expensive option and buy solely on price, you might be disappointed with quality. Instead, you need to look towards companies like Wheaton Glass, who offer superior quality glass that will really stand up to use in the lab. This way, you spend less money replacing what you have and more time caring for the quality construction you had the foresight to purchase.

Make Sure Your Glass Will Last

The difference between just any glass and products offered by companies like Wheaton Glass is that this high quality glass was really made with the lab in mind. It can handle abrasive chemicals and be used to store just about any substance you might come across. More than this, it offers clarity for your experiments and ensures that it can stand up to autoclaving over and over again as you sanitize it.

How Tough is Your Glass?

Another thing to consider with the quality is how tough your glass really is. Though you don’t want anyone dropping any glassware, imagine if one of your technicians accidentally knocked over one of their flasks. Would it break on impact, or would it be strong enough to survive. While you can really use any glass to perform most experiments, the truth is that not all glass is created equal. Things don’t always go as planned, and having quality glass is a great way to ensure that yours will last.

Proper Cleaning Is Essential

Once you have glassware from a company like Wheaton Glass, make sure you do everything you can to properly take care of it. After every experiment, make sure to wash it out properly and decontaminate it when necessary. Proper cleaning can go a long way to extending the life of any equipment and glassware is no exception. If you want to ensure you are able to get the longest life out of your gear, keep a regimented cleaning schedule within your lab.

The Best Source: Wheaton Glass

While there are certainly other companies out there that have decent products to offer, when it comes down to brass tacks there are none that have the track record of success comparable to Wheaton Glass. This company has been making glassware since the 1800s and over its long lifetime it has continued to grow and adapt alongside the field. In and of itself, staying relevant in a constantly evolving field like this is quite an accomplishment, but this company has done more than that.

Wheaton Glass is a name that means quality to many researchers and if you want the best for your laboratory there is no better option out there today. So, whatever you might be working on in your lab, remember the importance of getting quality glassware to conduct your testing. Whether it is research or active treatment, you want to make sure your equipment will see you through to the end.