This is a relatively common question. There are several causes that may cause the kratom not have the desired effects in some people.

It notes that in a small percentage of people kratom no effect due to the presence of unique enzymes that metabolize quickly kratom incorrectly. However, the percentage of people experiencing this problem is very low and this is not the only possible cause for the lack of effects of kratom.

Quality Kratom

The quality of the kratom is a consideration to take into account. As is the case in any industry, there are some sellers who sacrifice quality kratom in order to earn more money. Some suppliers sell that kratom is below the appropriate level in terms of quality, and in some cases the product is not even selling kratom. In fact, a study on the subject showed that up to 10% of kratom sold internet does not meet the quality standards of the sector. If you want to test a new supplier or brand of kratom, you better ask for opinions of others to verify their quality.

We must ensure that the Quality is Kratom

Doses of kratom

As with any other drug or substance, the amount taken determines the effects of kratom. For legal reasons, the sellers may not include dosing information in the package, so users are turning to information found on the Internet, which in many cases is not accurate.

This is essential to ensure that the dose is correct. The necessary minimum kratom becomes effective dose is 3 to 4 grams; the average dose is between 5 to 7 grams. Some users require up to 10 grams. If after 10 grams consumed no effect occurs it is advisable to check for any other problems. Also keep in mind that when kratom consumed on an empty stomach, the effects increase, while if taken on a full stomach, a higher dose may be needed.

Why Kratom Has No Effect On Some People?

Kratom Tolerance

Some people have tolerance but not kratom have never used. This is what is known as “cross-tolerance”. Cross-tolerance may occur if opiates and painkillers routinely, this increases the body’s tolerance to the kratom.

In cases where there is cross-tolerance, you can choose to temporarily reduce the amount of opioid ingested to check if the desired effects are achieved. You can also try taking kratom before the dose of painkillers to see if the effects of kratom become more noticeable.

Alcohol and General Welfare

If you have drunk alcohol, or if you are sick, it is possible that the body does not respond positively to kratom form. This can produce the desired effects of kratom or no effect at all is not obtained.

Alcohol has an Impact on the Effects of Kratom

Alcohol can dramatically affect the effects of kratom. Some users claim that a small amount of alcohol amplifies the effects of kratom, but a significant amount can lead to adverse effects or the effects of alcohol can mask any impact of kratom.

Similarly, physical ailments like fever or sleep deprivation can create a situation in which the body does not absorb or process the kratom properly, resulting in that the effects are dramatically reduced.

Improper Storage of Kratom

Improper storage of kratom can dramatically affect its potency and effects. Ideal conditions for storage of kratom are the same as those that would be used to store tea: the location must be free of oxygen, moisture and light. This helps maximize the potency of kratom by preventing its degradation and “stagnation.”

Some researchers mitragyna compounds found in kratom undergo gradual transformation mitragyna pseudoindoxyl. Such minimum mitragyna has analgesic properties, thus kratom not produce the desired effects.

For all this, it is important to use appropriate storage methods for kratom. Most users choose to divide the kratom in small bags, with enough content for a day or two and seal the vacuum bag to remove air; this process helps to preserve the freshness and stop the process of degradation of kratom. The bags must be placed opaque to block light boat, which can be stored in the freezer. This ensures that kratom is stored in a cool, lightless environment, which will result in optimum freshness and potency.

Enzymes Metabolizers and Kratom

If you have ruled out all the above problems, it is likely that metabolizing enzymes and your body may be having an impact that results in little or no effect of kratom.

The enzyme cytochrome P4502D6, also known as CYP2D6, serves to process and metabolize kratom. This enzyme is responsible for processing and production of the effects of kratom. Individuals with high levels of this enzyme enjoy consuming kratom most significant effects. People with low levels of CYP2D6 should take a higher amount of kratom to get some effect, which may be minimal.

Enzymes and Kratom

CYP3A4 is responsible for absorbing and processing kratom. This enzyme causes the body to use kratom too fast which may result in a lower intensity and shorter duration of its effects. Low levels of CYP3A4 claim to enjoy a good experience with the kratom.

Unfortunately, there are no effective ways to increase the CYP2D6 enzyme in the body. If this is the case, it is best to opt for a different natural remedy that works best with your body chemistry.