It is clear that marketing is usually represented by enticing ads. In general, users need dirty and quick summary that includes attractive graphics and pretty pictures. However, marketers should understand the difference between marketing and advertising. Marketing is often defined as a gradual and continual communication effort with target market to continuously influence and educate them.

In this case, marketers need customers to feel a certain way about their company, brand and products. Then, they need potential consumers to get inspired and take proper action (buying, ordering or hiring):

Marketing is generally a more comprehensive program compared to advertising. Quality advertising materials with professionally designed layouts are just a small component of the overall marketing campaign. Marketers also need to perform competent product demonstration, as well as effective consultative selling techniques.

This would contribute in enhancing their overall sales. Marketing is also intended to add overall value and marketers never stop providing information on innovations of the products and advantages consumers can get. In this case, marketers need to show consumers that they are committed to provide qualified results.

It is also important for marketers to strengthen existing relationship in everything they do. Marketers should become a representation of their company and products. A good marketing campaign allows for two-way communication. Consumers will be more trustful towards sellers if they can learn the good, bad and ugly about one another.

It should be noted that some of our clients could pay us late occasionally and they may screw up on the overall implementation. In this situation, marketers need to ensure that the long-term relationship is still a priority.

In general, divorce can be more expensive and it would be useless for marketers to try to prove themselves continually if they can provide good results. In general, clients are seeking maximum values for each cent they invest. They will likely re-evaluate all projects and assets. In fact, it would require much more effort to gain new customers; instead of retaining the current ones.

Marketers are required to engage their customers in a much more meaningful conversation. In this case, marketers often need to attract the attention of their customers through advertising. This will ensure customers to engage their services again and again. However, they can evoke serious and deeper discussion only through professional marketing and sales approaches.

It should be noted that marketing is much bigger than advertising. Advertising is usually considered as a preliminary method to get attention. With advertising, marketers can create and awareness and build up desire for products and services. This could also be considered as an invitation to get to know one another better.

Even if the advertising has worked marvellously, it doesn’t mean that the marketing effort stops there. Marketers also need to form long-term plans and consistently make proper changes when needed. There are multiple strategic decisions needed to influence and educate clients for a long-term period. In the end customers will love our products and brands.