Of all the doors in a typical family home, the garage door has to endure the most punishment, and for many homeowners, it is also a direct entry point into the home, as many garages are built onto the side of the house, with a door giving access to the garage. Garage doors have always posed a design problem, as a large surface area must be solid enough to withstand the elements, and it must also be opened and closed on a daily basis. Creating a reliable opening system took many years of development, which resulted in the doors that open upwards, with the door retracting into the garage a short distance from the ceiling.

Roller Doors

Then along came an alternative to the traditional side hinged opening or the overhead mechanism, which was a roller door. This is the ideal method, as the door slats are narrow and can pivot, which allows the door to literally be rolled up. The initial designs were somewhat unreliable, and there would often be cases when the mechanism jammed, but over the years, the opening mechanism was refined to a point where the doors would operate smoothly.


When you consider the weight and size of a typical garage door, designing a system that enables movement requires a complex arrangement of tracking, roller bearings, and pivot points on the frame. The smooth operation depends on many things, and this means regular servicing is essential, if you want the doors to perform in all weathers, and if maintenance not been factored into the equation, it is likely that repairs will be on the menu. The Internet is ideal for sourcing essential services, and a Google search would reveal a company that carries out roller door repair in Perth, or any other city for that matter.

Correct Maintenance

Moving parts require regular lubrication, especially the inner workings of the rolling mechanism, and the best people to handle the servicing are the company that originally fitted the doors, as they would be familiar with the maintenance process, and as they installed the system, they would have a vested interest in the upkeep.

Remote Control

Not only will your new roller garage doors open smoothly every time, you can also open then on the move, which is handy for those torrential downpours that the Australian climate can deliver, and once the vehicle is inside, the doors will automatically close.


Repairs will eventually be necessary on any garage door system, but with the latest generation of roller doors, that would be kept to a minimum. Effortless movement that is both silent and smooth is really what people look for in a set of garage doors, and with regular servicing, repairs will only be required when a component has reached the end of its life.

Roller doors have long been used for security purposes on commercial premises, and since their introduction into the garage door sector, roller doors have proved to be a very effective system that requires little care, and should you ever need you garages doors repaired, there are online companies that specialise in this.