We could be tempted to directly wrestle our opponents in the workplace mentally, verbally and in some cases, physically. We could come to this conclusion when we decide that the whole situation just can’t be resolved. Everything has become so frustrating that we directly oppose others in the office. In some cases, we don’t want to be the one who feels miserable and there’s an opportunity that we will ruin our career in a big, multinational company by directly confronting our colleagues. There are many aspects we need to consider before we make such a decision.

The most sensible method is by fixing and maintaining our situation. We could use available information in the workplace to make the whole thing easier to handle. We should work with our colleagues and bosses to find common grounds. Our goal shouldn’t be to defeat them mentally, verbally or even, physically; but it is about building bridges between us. Sometimes, it is necessary to be completely honest with ourselves and we should ask others for opinions. Often, others know where exactly where the sore points are, so simply ask. If in our belief that their responses are valid, then there could be a hope to make amends.

In many cases, we may not want to completely change the way we wok to cater to our colleagues and bosses, but, we should be able to come to a compromise. It could be surprising to know how well these people would respond. In fact, they could also be seeking to fix the relationship and they are glad to know that we are thinking and doing the same. However, there are possibilities that things won’t go well, even if we have taken all possible positive actions. In this case, the flight option may feel more justified and many would consider abandoning the ship to work in other department or company. We should have a meeting with our boss and colleagues to work out existing problems.

Sometimes, we may think that we are too assisting in our attempt to resolve the situation, but this could be a necessity if we seek to work longer and comfortably in our office. We often need to accept our situation and try to focus more on our roles. There are cases that our colleagues and bosses are too concerned about their image. They may believe that others should think about them in a certain way. When working with difficult bosses, we should do our best to please them initially to meet their requests and prerequisites, there’s actually a possibility that they will also adjust themselves.

Difficult workplace situation could cause various detrimental mental and physical symptoms. These things can really affect us, so it is important for us to avoid making ourselves too intimidated with things in the workplace. We shouldn’t make things worse by doing things improperly. Seek solutions properly and eventually, things will become much easier.