Restaurant kitchen ventilation systems need to be properly and regularly maintained in order to avoid the risk of fire hazards, and maintain a cooler and cleaner kitchen working environment for restaurant employees.


Ventilation systems that are not maintained will have a shorter lifespan due to the excessive dirt and grease that builds up and eventually leads to the ventilation motor burning out.

Why You Need a Good Ventilation System in Your Restaurant Kitchen

Commercial kitchen ventilation systems are designed to remove the excess heat in a kitchen and provide a comfortable working environment for the staff. What’s more, the ventilation system removes grease, particulates, humidity, and other cooking by-products from your kitchen. While it does all this, the system also needs to maintain a balanced airflow and it serves as an important component for fire detection and suppression.


These basic requirements of a quality commercial kitchen ventilation system may seem simple enough, but the design and maintenance isn’t as simple. The system needs to comply with a variety of design codes that are imposed by fire departments, local building authorities, insurance companies, health departments, and so on. The system also needs to cope with daily cooking demands along with seasonal and daily climate changes.


The responsibility of maintaining the ventilation system and ensuring its safe and cost-efficient operation falls on the restaurant owner’s shoulders.


Why Should You Have Your Ventilation System Cleaned Regularly?

Most restaurant fires are caused by the surface of cooking appliances in the kitchen which spread into the exhaust systems. That is why regular maintenance of your restaurant’s system is the number one defence against fire hazards. By keeping the ventilation system working at its optimal level, they will in turn evacuate grease and smoke out of the building and you will have a cooler, cleaner kitchen and a healthier working environment for your staff. With the majority of restaurant fires starting in the restaurant’s kitchen, enough caution must be exercised to ensure that your exhaust is regularly maintained and cleaned by professionals.


A Few Facts

The most common complaints from kitchen employees and chefs revolve around problems with the functions of the ventilation systems. Issues with dripping grease, the excessive build-up of heat, and excessive odours can all be related directly to the system. Experienced professionals can address these issues and help you and your staff to work effectively and more comfortably.


Professional and experienced technicians will use a combination of chemical degreasers to scrub and remove the build-up of grease from the exhaust fan, duct, and hood of your kitchen’s ventilation system. The cleaning and maintenance service also includes cleaning out the system’s filters. Exhaust hoods are then polished and dried and the clean or new filters are reinstalled. All the areas are then tidied and cleaned up to ensure your system is working the way it was designed to and that your kitchen is not at risk of being a fire hazard.