Facing grim employment news upon graduation, many student job search plans are being placed on hold as student job candidates retreat further into the world of academia in search of advanced degrees, which they hope will better position them in a healthier economy a few years down the line. Others, fully confident in their achievements, have been seeing their prospects shot down owing to what recruitment agency personal are claiming is a serious “skill gap” between what students are self-reporting, and the actual performance level that they performing at with a 4-year degree in hand.

The rumblings that have emerged from the offices of hiring managers suggest that there may be something systemically wrong with the ways that are universities are training the next cadre of business leaders. Those same rumblings should serve as a warning to potential job seeking college graduates: To succeed in the business of the 21st-century, you need to bring an array of skills to the hiring table that the lecture hall does not offer. Specifically speaking, those offering employment opportunities complain that students lacked competence in organization, leadership, personal finances, and even street smarts.

Skill Gap Sparks Hiring Freeze

The frightening statistic that sparked this debate arose from an admission of those dedicated to providing employment services. Less than two in five hiring managers found student job applicants adequately trained within their chosen field of study with the remaining hiring professionals complaining that the nation’s universities have failed this generation who seek employment in the new global marketplace.

Educational Reorganization

As anyone who has ever watched a snail sprint for its life to get to the relative safety of its hole knows, some things don’t happen all that fast regardless of the danger that the creature might be experiencing. The same principle applies to organizations as well.

The problem with that principle, as it applies to training the next cadre of business leaders, is that students who seek jobs need to burnish their Curricular Vitae on their own if they hope to be competitive is a sluggish hiring market. Towards that end, students looking for employment plus great life experiences are looking to find jobs for students in the work abroad market.

Going the Extra Academic Mile

Going the extra academic mile to burnish that resume may mean going the physical miles needed to gain the life experiences that recruitment agency managers seem to be clamoring from their job-seeking candidates to fill available positions. As such, rather than retreating into the safety of graduate school, students looking to gain that life experience so desired by employers should put their skills to the test by seeking overseas employment.

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