Wind of Luck is a game based around fighting at sea. You are the captain of your ships, making commands and ruling the seas with your mighty ships like admiral Nelson or Jack Sparrow. The game allows players to immerse themselves in a world of battles, sailing, and victory. WoL features so many fun and interactive ways to for players to explore their creative sides, making the game their own.

Beautiful Design

Wind of Luck, overall, is beautiful. The attention put into making sure all the little details be in place was very well done. The ships look stunning. Each ship is unique and based around ships that once sailed the seas destroying other ships. There is history in this game. The sea and sky are also beautifully textured.

There is so much detail. The water moves to freely, the water even shines in the sun. The clouds look almost real. The maps themselves are just as beautiful.

A scene from Wind of Luck

There are six beautifully designed maps in Wind of Luck. Each map features different and unique characteristics. Some maps have small islands, some maps have mountains, and some have icebergs. Each map is different and each present players with a challenge. New challenges can be discovered with each game session. The beauty of each map will keep you going back for more.


There are also six unique battle modes in Wind of Luck. Each battle mode has different goals that need to be met in order for your team to be claimed victor. Some maps, such as Royal Caravan, require that you protect the caravan from the pirates that are trying to attack. Another game mode, Port Siege, requires that you protect your own port while trying to claim the other team’s port as well.

Each battle mode is fun and interactive, allowing players freedom in creating their own strategies in becoming victorious in battle.

The fact that this game allows for so much freedom and creativity from players is amazing. Not many games allow for players to play their own way. The game does not have any strict rules that need to be followed. Players can play as cheatingly as they wish. In the time of sea wars, there were no rules. You did what you could to survive and destroy the enemies.

As captain of your ship, you have say over what happens. It is your choice whether or not you attack the ship approaching you. Your commands will either lead you to success or failure.

Play the World

Wind of Luck offers players an entire world at their disposal. Players are given a place to express themselves creatively and defeat enemies in battle. With several interesting and interactive battle modes, this is done so much easier. Even with the variety of the maps, players can learn all the good hiding places. Each ship is unique and different. There is so much depth to Wind of Luck that the possibilities are nearly endless.

If you want to give Wind of Luck a try you can download the game here.

This post was supplied by Mark Stubbles, Wind of Luck is the closest Mark has ever come to sailing.