Considering the major international investment destinations of the last ten years, it is easy to see how Dubai has improved performance year-on-year. Dubai is ranked in top 10 of the world’s top business, shopping, and tourism cities. This produces a positive wave effect on the Real Estate market of Dubai in 2017. The real estate in Dubai for sale has an incredibly magnetic effect on international investors, especially as regards hospitality and accommodation. In this article we will see the reasons that make the property of Dubai so attractive.

Year 2017 The Best Time To Invest In Dubai Real Estate Market

Travel and Tourism

Dubai’s economic progress is rooted in the tourism industry. Dubai’s Department of Tourism & Commerce (DTCM) said that in 2015, the city was visited by 14.2 million tourists, a record figure that is forecast to grow up to 20 million by 2020. To accommodate this massive flow, Dubai’s accommodation and hospitality must of course increase the offer and the chances of choice. It is no surprise that by the end of 2017 more than 10,000 new accommodation communities and residencies will be built.

Expo 2020

The Expo of 2020 will contribute impressively to a further leap forward of the Dubai economy. The entire real estate industry is expecting a real explosion for this event. Real Estate will respond to this opportunity with giant investment in new infrastructure and real estate. The result will leave the world open and will be a great incentive for future investments.

Luxury commands

In anticipation of Expo 2020, Dubai’s real estate industry is preparing to meet the expected flow of tourists. Numerous market surveys show that demand is already rising rapidly as far as luxury hotels and residential projects are concerned. Luxury is today the towing segment of the entire economy running inside Real Estate. Dubai is definitely the world’s first luxury hub and has already established the exclusive standards of 4-5 star hotels along with super luxury residential projects for a different time. Standard that will soon be up again thanks to increasingly spectacular facilities and personal excellence services. Stunning views and facilities of all kinds are becoming real milestones and world-class amenities.

Positive forecasts and market stability

All data and all analyzes show that Dubai’s property sector will continue to grow for a long time. The flexibility of the system open to foreign investments and the protection and constant increase of tourism will have a natural positive impact on organic growth of the Real Estate Market.

Let us now stop for a moment and make general considerations. First of all the numbers speak clearly: Dubai Real Estate is in blast. What does all this mean? Firstly, considering the market demand, many properties will be built. Secondly, as the system is ascending, prices are still low and approachable, especially if we consider that the chances of buying off-plan at this time are many. Third, but not least, the value of the property itself and the occupancy rate will continue to grow in the year 2017.

These conditions make Dubai Real Estate unique in the world and the best time to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Dubai real estate market is that: the ROIs you can get by investing now are absolutely unrepeatable. The cyclical nature of the industry is at a time when prices are still low, awaiting the explosion of the market, which in this case is at the door. Investing successfully does not just mean finding the right place to do it but rather recognizing through the economic analysis as the most profitable market segment. Real estate in Dubai for sale today can be considered a practically unrepeatable opportunity for real estate investors: high occupancy rates plunge high earnings.

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