Finally this day has come and you are a student at the college of your dream. We all passed numerous tests, wrote essays, got through this squeaky bum time. When you are at college you think that all the challenges left behind and now it is time to have more comfortable life. New environment, new people make you get into the spirit of college life. At that very moment we all forget that in fact college is huge responsibility and fulfilling tons of complex tasks. But college assignments are more difficult than in high school and take a lot of time, and wipe out valuable time that can be spent with friends, for example.

Managing time wisely is an absolutely new challenge for new arrivals. To tell the truth, many of them did not have an experience to deal with in high school. When you have to make a choice whether to go on a fraternity party or stay on campus and spend time, trying to write impressive essay. Of course you can choose the first variant, have fun and eventually buy essay online on reliable sources. Or you can learn how to acquire time management skills and not sacrifice you interests.

How to Find Balance Between Personal Life and College Tasks?

First of all it is important to note that acquiring effective time management is a skill you will definitely need after college, in the future personal and professional lives. Managing you time starts with controlling it.  The first thing you are to do is to reassess your schedule and old habits. Remind yourself why you entered the college: to graduate. And your academic work should always be the major priority.

Let us make it clear. Every college student is supposed to spend about 120 minutes every week for each credit hour he takes. That is recommended time to reach success. So, the total amount of time he should spend studying depends on the amount of classes he is enrolled in. Furthermore full-time students should devote about 30 hours each week to study. Do not ignore personal study habits and educational goals as well.

Do not get overwhelmed with it. You should make a detailed schedule for a semester, for example, and write down all important dates, like the deadlines for reports, essay papers, and dates for presentations,  tests,  final examinations, and. These dates are your goals and referring often to your calendar will help you keep focused on your goals. Do not neglect other aspects of personal life; the healthy balance between your life and college assignments  will help you to be more successful.

What are the Secrets of Success?

Always keep in mind the goal that made you enter this college, be responsible and diligent. That will help you not to give up and follow your plan. Definitely, you got frustrated after you have written your semester schedule. But you are to make weekly priority lists and take into account both short and long-term things you want to accomplish on every week. After that you have to abide by this schedule and spend time on your activities after you made all the tasks from a to-do list every day. Yes, you have to plan every day at college.

Here are few tips how to make time management more effective:

  • Estimate how many hours you need for each class, whether classes require preparation before or review after.
  • Plan to study 50 minutes and give yourself 10 minutes rest every hour.
  • Fulfill difficult tasks first, as at the beginning of the process you are fresh and concentration is better. You can try to do simpler things if you are at a loss and spend too much time, trying to do hard assignments.
  • It is more productive to do an assignment one hour each of three nights rather than three hours in one evening.

Be ready to face the temptation to do personal activities before college tasks. You will have to compromise, but you will be rewarded eventually. And yes, don’t forget to reward yourself with small prizes after you make complex tasks. It will inspire to do something amazing next day.