Over the last decade, the popularity of alternative working models has soared among small businesses. Whether it’s hot desking, remote work, incubators, or super flexible serviced suites; it’s clear that the old rules no longer apply. Now, an office can be whatever you need it to be. It could be entirely private or it might be shared with another company.

It might not belong to you at all, but still be fully accessible all the same. In fact, this is what the providers of virtual offices have to offer small companies; a contract free, no obligation workspace. Virtual facilities are shared, but the resources are high end and available to all registered customers. For many entrepreneurs, they represent the future.

However, they aren’t the only alternative workspace to become popular with flexible teams and operations. Keep reading for more on the benefits of serviced offices.

What Is a Serviced Office?

The first thing to know about serviced offices is that they differ from virtual facilities. Visit www.servcorp.com.hk/en/serviced-offices to take a look at some of the suites located in central Hong Kong. They are every bit as flexible, with fully negotiable terms, but you don’t have to share a serviced office. It is a private space which is equipped with everything a business needs to run smoothly.

Unlike conventional long-term leases, the contracts are always open ended. This means that tenants can stay for a month, six months, or six years. When you move in, you don’t have to know how long you’ll need the office for or when you want to leave. If the space becomes too restricted, because your company grows fast, you can upgrade to a bigger one in the same building. Serviced offices are designed with the tenant in mind.

Why Is Serviced So Popular?

The demand for serviced offices is just one small part of a much bigger trend. Entrepreneurs are eschewing convention and embracing adaptability. Long gone are the days when businesses had to lay out their future goals from day one. Now, they are beginning to understand that it isn’t change which puts companies in danger. It is being unprepared for it.

This is why virtual and serviced facilities are growing in prominence. They allow entrepreneurs to retain a sense of control and independence. If the markets shift and conditions become unfavourable, it’s just a matter of scaling back resources. Similarly, if conditions flourish and present the opportunity for growth, adapting is as easy as moving floors to a larger office.

Is It Easy To Go Serviced In Hong Kong?

Southeast Asia is one of the most welcoming markets on the planet for startups and entrepreneurs. It is a mecca for small tech companies with big ideas and modest budgets. However, it is also a vast region and a complex one too. If you want to succeed there, it is a good idea to test the waters in a major corporate hub like Hong Kong first.

It is a road which thousands of intrepid business owners take every year because Hong Kong has a strong labour market and a big appetite for new products. It is also home to a number of high-profile serviced providers, so it is easy to find a home. There are offices at One Peking Road and the Two International Finance Centre, both of which are eminent locations.

The First Step towards Flexible Office Solutions

There are superb virtual and serviced providers all over the world, so you don’t have to move to Hong Kong to take advantage of them. Wherever you are, the best way to find out more is to visit a local facility. You can take a guided tour, speak to current tenants, and check out the software, equipment, tools, and resources on offer as part of the flexible packages.