We’ve seen a lot of trends over the last few years, some of which disappear pretty quickly and some are still with us and don’t look to be going anywhere. From the latest high fashion cat walks to holiday insta trends, here’s a look at the latest hypes and fashion trends for 2023.

Bold Sneakers 

Air Jordan 1s, Nike Dunks and everything else, Designer trainers are here to stay and the latest lines from the biggest brands seem to show some new styles ahead:

Air Jordan 4 ‘Thunder’ – Red Thunder has been a best seller for AJ and the silhouette is launching a black and yellow version for 2023. The subtle Jordan offers the perfect streetwear finish to any style so keep your eye out.

Air Max 93 – For Air Max fans you’ll be glad to know the 93 will make a return in 2023. Last seen in 2018 the new colourways plan to create intrigue amongst the veteran AM enthusiasts.

AJ X OFF WHITE is back – Shannon Abloh confirmed there were designs that never went into production with Nike and since the passing of Virgil Abloh, his wife thinks it’s time to release his work.

Travis Scott X AJ1 – No one is getting tired of seeing the Travis Scott collaboration with Jordan, and more colourways are confirmed to drop in 2023.


Subtle Sneakers 

Low key, premium trainers will also continue to be a trend in 2023. But it can be harder to find these styles with them not standing out from the crowd. Here’s a look at subtle styles to rock in 2023:

Gnarhunters x Nike Dunk Low SB ‘Black’ – Streetwear brand Gnarhunters is collaborating with Nike Dunk to create an extremely low key must have sneaker. The all black Dunk has a textured design to give the black that extra bit of uniqueness we expect from Gnarhunters.

Travis Scott X Air Jordan “Black Phantom” – A similar style to the Gnarhunters but a much bigger collab. The all Black Phantom is a perfect low key style with great stitching detail in white, to give the trainer some deserved character.

Axel Arigato Genesis Vintage Runner – If you’re looking for a clean, McQueen inspired sneaker, Axel Arigato is offering some smart styles to go from work to evening in. Retro and modern styles using premium sourced materials, what’s not to like.

Triple White Air Force One’s – If you’re looking for a clean look, but still want it to be street style, then you can’t go wrong with all white Air Force One’s.



One of the best trends you’ll read about this year. More brands both big and small are planning to reduce their carbon footprint or change the way their business operates to help protect the environment.

Fast fashion brands are constantly under fire with wasted materials, underpaid works, poor Co2 emissions and damage to the environment and trends predict more brands are planning to design better long lasting quality products.

If you’re struggling to find what brands are ethical here’s a few names to look out for:

Patagonia – Responsibly made outdoor wear that’s also commonly used for workwear and a smart casual look. Their profits are heavily used to restore parks and rural territories making it a brand that’s looking after our future.

Nudie Jeans – Ethically made denim that only uses organic and recycled cotton. The brand also offers free repairs to keep you in your jeans and help you avoid buying fast fashion denim that’s damaging the environment. 

Cariki – London based streetwear brand that ships orders plastic free, uses recycled materials and offers an ethical alternative for the younger generations. Most of their products are fairly attainable, ethical clothing tends to cost more so it’s always good to see a brand that’s affordable. 

Joha – If you’re not looking for edging styles and prefer your fashion more incognito, then Joha is a Scandinavian brand that only uses organic cotton and wool and avoids the use of synthetic fibres. Joha has been trading for over 50 years and each part of the manufacturing process is tested for harmful substances, making the wearer have complete peace of mind that they are buying from an ethical brand.

Baggy Jeans

Celebrities such as Justin Beiber and Pete Davidson are rocking the baggy and throwing back to the 90’s the trend is set to go big in spring summer. Comfort is key in 2023 so create a fit with your baggy jeans, sneakers and relaxed fit tops. Old school blue jeans are the best choice for the baggy trend.

For more inspo on styling your baggy jeans, have a look at 90’s celebrities and trends to help match up your jeans with sneakers, tops and jackets.

Double Denim

Speaking of denim, one of the most iconic looks of the last century is back, double denim. Seen all over LA, movie sets and now the public, double denim is a staple for every wardrobe this year whether you’re looking for a workwear vibe or something a little bit out there, just make sure it’s denim.

Levi’s are most people’s brand when it comes to denim, but now more than ever they’re a great choice. Their stores offer free repairs on Levi products, they’re very focused on helping the environments and their marketing has switched to environmental awareness. Everything you want to hear in 2023.

Leather Goods

Likely to be seen at the back end of the year, leather will be making a strong comeback with accessories, jackets and even blazers. Leather is a prime example of a sustainable choice as they’re built to last.

Barney leather jackets are a great choice for anyone not looking to break the bank with leather goods. With real and synthetic leather available you can get something on trend for as little as £100, which is pretty low for leather jackets.

Understated Luxury

To complement the sustainability trend, understated luxury such as heavyweight hoodies are what people are looking to spend more on, something built to last. Looking at the brand’s heritage, materials and carbon footprint can help you make a decision. After all, you want to avoid brands that don’t focus on the quality and are more focused on the marketing and making customers think their product is luxury with a big price tag. 

Many more trends will appear through 2023 but that key take away is to spend a little more and get a lot more quality from something you can wear for years. Sustainability is essential to fashion now with the big fast fashion brands under scrutiny for underpaying workers, sourcing materials poorly and taking no notice of their carbon footprint.