Mam and Dan are not paying the bills and you are not leaving large with your entry-level salary. You also want to be living in a mansion, but instead you find yourself living in a small apartment? The walls are boring, the kitchen is super tiny and you lack a dining room? Don’t despair, because there are many decorating hacks for small spaces that will help you make your home look more functional, organized and comfortable. Read them carefully and take our
advice to make your space work for you.


Avoid using dull shades in your apartment. You can go with a gray focal wall, but keep the rest of the space light and open with white furniture.


One of the easiest, and probably one of the most effortless ways to make your tiny room spacious is to add a mirror. A mirror can add dimension to your home and make your little room seem much bigger.


Bold colors can make a huge difference in your small apartment. White, beige or cream can make your space seem larger. For more outstanding and beautiful look paint one of the walls with a bold color, such as red, orange or yellow.


You don’t have much options for decorating your tiny apartment, so why not to use the vertical space. Shelves are just ideal for showing of your favorite pictures, vases or any other decors. They are also perfect for rotating all those displays – you always have the option to change all the decors depending on the season and your mood.

Open shelving are hot interior trend and are ideal to display the things you like and you don’t mind showing off. Incorporate open shelving in your kitchen, living room, bedroom or dining room. They also look fascinating when are installed correctly in bathrooms too.


You can cleverly use the vertical space above your furniture with built-in shelves that hang down from the ceiling for your frames, favorite books and other decors and items that are not used on a daily base. Ceiling shelves are always a good option, because they don’t take up any needed space and can be incorporated in just about any room in your house.


Any space can be upgraded with extra storage ideas. For instance, you can incorporate a racing unit under the stairs to take advantage of that space. You can turn the unit into a bar, storing bar essentials and other items. This space can also be used for displaying books, shoes, etc.