Cosmetic dentistry has surged in popularity within the last 10 years, and now it is common to find just as many cosmetic practices within your town as you would find a traditional practice! The results that cosmetic dentistry offers can be life-changing for some. Assuming that you opt for a professional cosmetic dentist who takes pride in their work and provides a 360 service, you are pretty much guaranteed to leave with the smile of your dreams. 


Your oral health should be put before anything else before rushing into getting cosmetic dental work. A reputable dentist will never perform any treatments on damaged gums or enamel before the problems have been resolved, so keep that in mind before you start rushing into getting quotes together. In this blog post, we will discuss the important questions you need to ask yourself before rushing into enquiring about specific procedures.


Cosmetic Dentist VS Traditional Dentist 


It is beneficial to understand the difference between what your normal check-up dental practice can do, and what a cosmetic dental practice can do. Traditional dental practices do not usually offer the full extent of cosmetic treatments that a cosmetic-specific practice may supply. They might offer dental implants and whitening, and they will also be able to prescribe medication for things such as infections and gum disease. Your cosmetic dentist however does care for the health of your teeth, but will mainly focus on perfecting your smile through multiple treatments such as compost bonding and veneers.


What results do you want to achieve?


First things first, you should ask yourself what results you are expecting to achieve. This can be anything from a simple fix of a crooked tooth, or perhaps you want to completely re-construct your smile to create a new one. Knowing exactly the smile you are dreaming of will help the cosmetic dentist create a bespoke treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. Have this in mind, or even look to Pinterest for inspiration on how you would like your teeth to look. Cosmetic dentists are not magicians, however, and if you have a misalignment they might need to provide you with Invisalign aligners before considering any extra treatments.


How much are you able to spend?


Cosmetic dentistry is not cheap. Only begin inquiring about treatments when you know you have a budget above 2 grand. It sounds like a lot, but the rewards you will reap in confidence will make it that much more worth it. When choosing the right practice for you, keep this budget in mind and be realistic. Not every dental practice will offer the same prices, and if one seems much higher than the other, ask them what makes their service so much better than the other cosmetic dentists. Also, be wary of extremely cheap cosmetic dentistry. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! Cheap cosmetic dentistry is not safe and can lead to life-threatening issues. 


What does their portfolio look like?


Any reputable cosmetic dental practice will have images of their before and after results from past treatments. Consider it a red flag if you are struggling to find any evidence of their past work. Scroll through their website and social media profiles to see if you can find images of what their treatments include and what the after-results tend to look like. This is the best source of information you will find when deciding whether a practice can produce the results you are looking for. 


How do they compare to other practices?


Do not put all of your eggs into one basket. Scan several different cosmetic dental practices in your area to decide how they compare and which one fits you the best. They will differ in many ways, such as prices, how the practice looks, and also what extra support they offer for patients. Get a list of at least 3 candidates, and from here begin calling up and making a verbal enquiry.


Do they offer bundle deals?


When looking through competitors, consider what value for money each practice can offer. Some of the best practices offer bundle deals which usually are discounted or complementary treatments that are paired with the main treatment you are enquiring about. For example, if you are getting Invisalign, they might offer free professional teeth whitening. Make the most of any deals you have access to, and even see if they can extend the deal any further!


What do the external reviews say?


The reviews of the website are helpful, however, most dental practices will never include extra honest reviews on their websites. There are external rating apps that allow past patients to review the practice there, so do some digging. One or two bad reviews when compared to 100 great ones should not sway your opinion, but if you can see mostly poor Google reviews, consider them before going with that specific practice.


Does the dental practice look up-to-date?


It may be materialistic, but how a cosmetic dental practice looks can also tell you a lot about their work. If a practice looks out of date and runs down, it exemplifies how they feel about their work and how they present themselves. A great practitioner will always be proud of their environment. Up-to-date practices should look clean and professional above all else!

Does the practice have availability?


Before you make your final decision, you need to make sure that the practice has enough availability to fit you in for your treatments. It is no use putting down a deposit to have a treatment that they won’t be able to complete for 6 months. Ask how much availability each practice has, and with this, you will get a better picture of how soon you can expect to have your treatment done. Try to be patient if all of your candidates are offering long waiting times, it will give the practice more time to create your plan and make sure your teeth are in the best condition.


Final thoughts 


Overall, choosing the right cosmetic dental practice should be done with great care and consideration. Cosmetic dentistry can be expensive regardless of your chosen procedure. Choosing the practices that give you the best experience before, during and after your treatment is all you can ask for as a patient. Do your research, get evidence of their positive reputation, and let them take the lead in generating the ideal treatment journey to get you the smile you have always dreamed of.