If you are a girl who likes to plan their outfits perfectly, you likely are the type of person who stresses about what to wear on your holiday. Holidays are the best time of the year. It is a time to be free, and dress in your best clothes to feel like the best version of yourself, whether you need to pack festival outfits or beachwear! There is nothing worse than not feeling confident in your choice of outfit, so planning each outfit for your holiday can be a real lifesaver.


Planning outfits can be a headache at the same time. Trying to figure out what would look best whilst also deciding what others will likely be wearing on your holiday of choice takes a lot of time. The last-minute rush of buying outfits you never end up wearing is a time-consuming task that is best avoided, as you’ll just need to sell the clothes. Take a look at how the most organised fashionistas plan their holiday outfits to avoid disaster and look their best:


Have your activities planned before you buy 


Before you go spending a bomb on a whole wardrobe of clothes that you will never wear, have your holiday planned out first. If you are going on a festival holiday, have each of the events booked so you know exactly how many festival outfits you will need and for which day. Some days might include three activities that all require different outfits, so have a rough guide of what you hope to do during your holiday.


Keep in mind how long you are there 


Make sure that you plan for the length of time you are staying. Going with not enough clothes is not the end of the world as you can likely buy clothing at your destination, but this can easily be avoided if you pack for the length of time you are going. If you are going for 7 days on a beach holiday, pack 7 bikinis. One for each day, and an extra one just in case something happens to one of them. Have an outfit for each day, plus a spare piece of clothing for that item to avoid underpacking and having backups for the worst-case scenario.


Begin buying clothes a few months before 


Holidays are expensive, and that means you will likely pay a large chunk of the cost to go just before you fly out. Last-minute shopping is the quickest way to waste money on a chunk of clothes that you will likely never wear again. Start slow, and buy items gradually in the lead-up to your holiday. This gives you time to put more thought into each outfit and find the perfect pieces.


Reuse clothes from years before 

If you wish to plan great outfits whilst also reducing the need to spend money, you should still be wearing the clothing you may have worn from holidays before. If you do not often get your holiday clothes out of the closet, gather them all where you can visibly see them. By doing this you will be pleasantly surprised at all the hidden gems you can include for your holiday outfit planning this year. This will save you from buying a whole new holiday wardrobe, and you can make the pieces look updated with some small additions.


Don’t underestimate the climate 


You also need to consider what the climate is going to be like when you are on holiday. If you are going to a hot country, make sure you have clothing that will keep you cool. If it is a cold country, make sure you are packing for a colder holiday, makes sense right? One thing to keep in mind is you may be liable to getting sunburn if you are in a hotter country, so if you have not packed clothing that will protect you from the sun you might be in big trouble. Light clothing that keeps you cool whilst protecting you from the sun is important. Linen is a great material to have packed for your hot holidays.


Put outfits together on your phone


If you have been browning clothes and struggling to piece outfits together, you should consider planning the outfits on your phone. You can capture clothing items on images, and paste them onto the notes app. Copy each item using the capture tool and list them other on the notes app to get a feel for what the outfit will look like. This is also useful to have to keep track of what you have planned for each event.


Mix and match pieces 


Whilst your holiday outfits need to be stylish, they should also be practical. Having pieces that you can mix and match is crucial if you wish to have variety in your outfits, and also avoid overpacking. For example, you buy yourself a pair of denim shorts planned for the daytime with a bikini and alternatively dress it up in the evenings by pairing them with a corset top. This corset top might be worn later on in the holiday with a maxi skirt, further showing the versatility of these pieces. As long as these items don’t collect dirt, they will be handy if you are looking for versatile outfit planning.


Keep each outfit in a zip bag 


The final, and possibly most helpful tip we have for planning your holiday outfits is to pack each outfit into a zip bag. Zip bags are handy, lightweight and also large enough to fit one outfit into, therefore they are ideal for storing outfits. Consider packaging outfits for each occasion in their zip-lock bags so you remember what you have planned for that day. You can even place the jewellery you plan to wear for that day in the bag to be extra prepared. To avoid confusion, you might write the occasion you plan to wear the outfit on the bag with a marker pen. Holiday organisation at its finest.


Bottom line 


Overall, holiday outfits are the best time to get creative and plan the outfits you want to be wearing all year round. Organisation is key if you want to avoid over or underpacking. Planning outfits for each event will save you when you are there, and you will have a dreamy outfit ready to get out there and have the best time ever!