Maybe you are a traveler and you would like to keep your belongings safely while you are away or you are moving to a new house and you don’t seem to have enough space for them all.

Anyway, whatever the case, if you are looking to find a storage facility and you are on a tight budget, below are some tips you can use to cut down the costs and still get a good quality and affordable storage unit.

  1. Location

Well, a lot of us would always go for a storage unit that is near us. This would often see us pay a premium price to get them which most people don’t usually mind.

However, if you won’t be checking up on your things on a regular basis, getting a storage facility that is a bit far could be worth it.

This is simply because they will be having relatively lower rates and this can help with your budget.

  1. Avoid climate control if it is not necessary

If you are not going to keep things like electronics, artwork or any other fragile items then you shouldn’t be bothering about climate control.

If you decide to go with the standard unit, you can save yourself some cash as long as your items are going to be safe. Basically, you should not be spending on functionalities you won’t require.

  1. Don’t go for a unit with a drive-up access

Could you be having some few friends that wouldn’t mind helping you to move your things in to a house or even up a few staircases? If yes, then you are good to go.

Most people always prefer units with drive up access and this usually come with some additional cost.

Storage unit without them are always cheaper and as a bonus, they are considered to be having secured indoor spaces because of the added protection layer.

  1. Go for the possible smallest unit

First things first, when finding a storage unit, you need start by packing your items efficiently then take some time to organize the unit.

When doing this, you will find out that you can actually store a lot of things in to a space you thought was too small. It is mostly advised that you use crates or plastic totes that are stackable and can also be labeled.

This will enable you to stay organized while also protecting your items. Use the space efficiently and store a lot.

  1. Buying your own personal lock

Since you are on a budget, anything counts however little they seem to be right? Well, buying a lock will not help you that much but it sure does cut on the cost.

This way, you can always avoid paying for the company’s locks and still have your own lock that can be used in perpetuity.

You need to be keen when shopping for locks and make sure you buy one which cannot be destroyed or easily broken.

  1. Paying up front

If you are quite sure that you will be using the unit for a period of time, it is always advisable that you go for an upfront payment.

 Most storage companies always allow some discount with an upfront payment of rent.

  1. Go for long term rental

This might also come in handy if you are looking to cut down on rental cost. Long term rental will always result in being allowed a decent discount when it comes to the rates.

It is important that you make a long term commitment if you think you are going to stay away for a while.

However, you need to know what the charges will be in case you decide to stop the contract before time.

  1. Comparing options

Before you finally make a decision, you need to first compare the prices.

A lot of companies will often make you some offers like free usage for one month if you make an upfront payment or a good discount for the first month if you decide to go with them.

Other facilities can also offer you a discount for long term commitment or offer you a free pick up to help you when moving your items.


Well, the above tips should be able to help you find some affordable storage facilities if you are looking for one.

Also, remember to go online and check for the reviews of these facilities and not just the ratings. Make sure you do your homework properly to avoid paying more when you were looking for options that would make you pay less.

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