Everything comes with a risk factor. This is also applicable for e-commerce portals. In the last few years, the concept of online shopping and online shopping portals has become extremely popular in India.

At present, India is ranked number 5 in the world e-commerce market and in Asia – number 2. In fact, in India online selling merchants picked up the trend pretty fast. To a great extent we can handover the credit to mobile internet. People are preferring to purchase items on the go rather than visit a physical store or even access the same online portal through their PC or laptop.

Most things available under the sun is now available online – Books, electronic appliances, apparels and accessories, insurance policies, flight tickets, hotel rooms, movie tickets, and even groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, these days you can even book a car or a flat online.

However, the fear of frauds and cons always remain where online shopping is concerned. Given below are few extremely important tips to save you from fraudsters, cyber criminals and scammers:

Buy now pay later

This type of easy-pay option is taking the online shopping world by a storm. All you need to do is select the ‘pay later’ option among the digital payment solution. There are business vendors who are offering such mode of payment. The process is quite simple – you register with any of the ‘pay later’ partners available online. If your ‘pay later’ partner is included in the payment gateway of the online store you are purchasing from, you need to click that option and relax.

The ‘pay later’ vendor will pay the money to the online store on your behalf. You can make the payment to the vendor within the stipulated time free of any interest.

Install anti-virus

There are companies who are offering anti-virus to protect your mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs from fraudulent activities during any online shopping experience. You need to install any of these popular anti-virus software and keep reviewing its licence.

Shop at popular online stores

Online stores are growing up in leaps and bounds. There are hoards of them in the market. However, stick to the most popular ones. Major online stores will never scam you as they always fear their reputation is always at stake.

Use lesser valued credit and debit card

Whenever you are using your credit card or debit card during any checkout at online shopping payment gateway, use those cards with lesser money value so that if any fraudulent activities happen, you will be losing as less money as possible.

Use secure wi-fi connection

Whenever you are making any kind of online transactions, do not use public or unsecured wi-fi connection. Anyone can track back your activities once you are done with your transactions. Ensure you use home connection or your mobile phone to purchase items online.

Check their policies

Before making any purchase online at any online store always check their refund and return policies. Also have a clear idea that they are offering you 100% privacy after collecting your personal details such as email ID, name, phone number, postal delivery address and so on.

Expected delivery dates

Ensure that the online store delivers your purchased product by or on the promised date. It should not happen that they give you a date and the item arrives after 10 days. Or you have to run from pillar to post to track your order from the delivery vendor. Remember that major easy credit online merchants always take full responsibility of delivery and returns. Would like to know more visit here automated business processes India