Flea infestation in your house would be such a nightmare that you never want to dream of. When a single flea is noticed in the house, you should expect that there is a great number of them hiding elsewhere in moist, shady space, not mentioning flea eggs, larvae and pupae. Don’t take fleas for granted because they will not simply interfere with you, your family and your pets by terribly painful bites, but more seriously, they may transmit infectious diseases such as typhus, tapeworms or plague.

Your task is to find ways to get rid of them as soon as any sign of fleas emerges. The longer you delay in treating fleas, the heavier infestation you may get and remedies could be more time-consuming and costly. The following comprehensive guide on how to eradicate fleas will prove to be valuable for those who want to free your house from flea nuisance.


4 Steps To Get Rid Of Flea In Your House


#1. Treating Pet


Do you have any idea on how come fleas appear in your house while you always take good care of it? If you wonder about the source of fleas, the first suspect source should be your pets. Fleas particularly love to take refuge in furry animals that own warm soft coat. If you have a dog or cat around, fleas are most likely to get in your house together with the pets.

Treating Pet

Treating Pet

The source of fleas should be detected and treated first before you plan to address the rest. You have got to remove fleas on pets first before treating the entire house. Options for pet flea treatment could be flea comb, flea shampoo or flea sprays. You may adopt one of those choices or apply them all. However, the point is you have to be patient in treating fleas because it will take time to completely eradicate them from pet’s body.


#2. Cleaning house


Once the source of flea is in control, you can proceed to treating fleas in your house. Fleas are not spreading evenly all over your house. They should be hiding under carpets, rugs, cushions, sofas and even beds. Pay more attention to the places where pets often frequent and places that are sheltered from direct sunlight.


When it comes to cleaning a house that infested with fleas, removable stuffs such as carpets or rugs should be washed and dried at high temperature, preferable over 90 Celcius degree. Pet beddings should be washed in hot water as well to ensure all fleas, eggs and larvae are absolutely killed. For hidden corners, vacuuming is the best choice to collect fleas and their offspring. Remember to seal the vacuum bag and dispose it right after vacuuming to prevent eggs from hatching and continuing their life cycle.


#3. Using flea fogger


In case your house experiences a heavy flea infestation, flea fogger could be an option to apply. There are a variety of flea foggers marketed online, so you should take a look at the flea control websites to find out the best flea fogger for your need. Read the instructions carefully before use because this toxic may cause potential complications if breathing in. Make sure you, your family and pets are not in the house when the fogger is deployed. Electric appliances and gas ignition system should be turned off or unplugged to prevent potential flame resulting from flea spray.


Food stuff should be removed or properly covered or else you would be eating poison. Wear mask when you apply flea fogger in house. Close door or window for about 8 hours to let the chemical take effect and kill fleas. After that, open the doors to allow fresh air to enter the house and blow out the poison. Clean up floor, furniture and stuffs indoors by washing or vacuuming them.


#4. Preventive measure


Despite that fact that you may always find ways to fight against fleas, it is best to take steps to prevent fleas from ever entering your house. You should start outdoors first by cleaning yard or keeping a neat garden with frequently mowed lawn. Pets hang out at the playground a lot and fleas living among fallen leaves or rotten woods outdoors may jump up and parasite on them. Clearing the habitat of fleas outdoors will prevent them from breeding up and entering your house with pets.



Planting some plants both indoors and outdoors could be effective to keep fleas away. Such plants as lavender, pepper mint, penny royal or chrysanthemums release pleasant scent to us, but for fleas the scent is so disgusting that you don’t want to be around.


To sum up


It is advisable for you to take prompt action as soon as any single flea is noticed in house. If you own a pet, take good care of it to ensure there is no flea in its body. Cleaning up is the best option to prevent and fight against any pest attack. You may have to exercise a little, but do it on a regular basis and you won’t find yourself sweating up trying to deal with heavy infestation of fleas or any other pesky insects.