It’s time to step up your glamping game this summer. Oh, you aren’t familiar with the “portmanteau” glamping? Get with the times, yo! 

Ditch the canteen and grab yourself some bottles of champagne or sparkling cider. This year, instead of camping chairs, bring along some bean bags to sink into around the fire.

And of course, upgrade your s’mores chocolate from Hershey’s to Ghirardelli.

All beef hot dogs on the grill. Heineken instead of  Bud Light.

You deserve this life.

Your vacation time is an opportunity for glamour and luxury and your summer is about to get a lot more luxurious and glamorous with these three glamping tips:

Find an RV With All the Bells and Whistles

This camping season, save yourself from waking up to a pair of feet in your face — or worse. Instead, step up your game with a luxury RV that will transform your adventures from ordinary to illustrious.

Fairy lights strung up, bath bombs for the bathtub, and plenty of room to dance to your summer playlist, whatever you need to feel fabulous in your RV will put you one step closer to the best glamping you’ve ever experienced.

Don’t hoard your stash, trade those well-earned Benjamins for a moving mansion. Oh, you aren’t rich? Well, pretend like you are for a weekend and rent one!

Become The REAL Pampered Chef

Camping is all about hot dogs, hamburgers, and tin foil dinners. Or at least at used to be before you decided to become glamorous. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is no shame in enjoying a classic tin foil dinner, but those rustic meals are for a time when you aren’t looking to strut your stuff to the utmost degree.

But keep the tin-foil out, because this summer you are trying your hand at these Food Network-approved glamping dishes. Learn how to whip up this dish, a glamplicious clam pasta with tomatoes accompanied by salted caramel and chocolate fondue as the desert.

Pro Tip: Enjoy it all on stylish tablecloth that will further help you capture the perfect photo to show off on social media. #winning

Pro Tip #2: Light a candle! The ambiance is glamtanstic!  You heard it hear first!

Don’t Glamp Alone

With a luxury RV and rich menu, it’s time to fill in those missing gaps. Inviting along friends and family, or that cute match you met on Tinder last night, will make your glamping adventure enriched with lively banter and give you someone to share all the glamtabular memories with.

You might also inspire them with your glamping savvy! Friends old and new, you are gonna impress them because you read this article!

Creativity is meant to be shared and so is the Great Outdoors and the combination of those two things equates to a glamorous camping splendor this summer.

As long as you are hitting the road in your ritzy RV full of glamping necessities you don’t have to go far to enjoy glamping. At the end of the day, if your backyard is the farthest you can go, then you’ve still got everything you need to enjoy a unique adventure.

And truthfully, you can get your glamp on, without the Winnebago. Your imagination — and these helpful tricks is really all you need to start enjoying the glamping life.