Hunting is ideal for the adventure lover. It’s a fantastic pastime if you are fearless and daring by nature. It is undoubtedly a risky passion but those who like challenges often go out for hunting. But, there are so many things apart from essential equipment that a hunter needs to carry. If you are willing to join any hunter’s club ever, don’t forget to carry the following items.

10 Items That You Must Carry For Hunting

  1. Sealed bag: For hunting you need to pack all your stuff in a zipper-lock bag. You will get separate zip to put all your smelly things and other usual stuff can be placed in a different pocket.
  2. Wet wipes: It’s easy to clean your face and hand with a wet wipes specially after hunting. It is better than using toilet papers. You will get wet wipes with fresh odor in the market. Carry a packet of that and use it for cleanup.
  3. Rope: A haul rope is a handy option to pull up your items into the tree. You can easily tie any stuff with it. So it’s a must item to include in your list.
  4. Brush nippers: William Schoellkopf, a blogger who recently shared his hunting experience on social media and mentioned about this useful item. He had to use it many times during his three-day stay in a forest. He used a multi-tool nippers and he suggested others to use the same.
  5. Zip Ties: Another thing that comes in handy when you are out for hunting is zip ties. You can use them to tie branches or a tag to the carcass and even to fix any broken things. It comes in different sizes and regular hunters never leave their houses without them
  6. Garbage bag: A plastic garbage bag comes in handy in so many ways. If rain starts you can keep your stuff in case your rucksack is not built-in rain cover. Garbage bag can be used to keep your used items, rotten food, and stinky clothes as well.
  7. First aid kit: For any expedition, a first aid kit is a must. For hunting you need to include a medicated lotion to cure allergy or bad reaction, some tablets to cure headache, acidity, and effective spray to heal sprain. Another useful thing that you can’t miss is band-aid. Nowadays hunters carry hand sanitizer to maintain proper hygiene.
  8. Lighter: Although you are not allowed to smoke there but a lighter is needed to burn the end of a rope or to start a fire. This is another item that William Schoellkopf referred on his blogs.
  9. Flashlight: Whether you are going out for hunting or for trekking, don’t keep your flashlight at home. Nothing is more useful than this at night.
  10. Dry food: Always carry some nuts, fruits, and other stuff that gives instant energy. At the forest you have to survive on it.

Hunting is definitely very thrilling but it requires a lot of preparation. First you join any group and learn some tips from the experts. Also, you need to do a lot of research about the venue before you embark on it.

Author Bio: William Schoellkopf has gone for hunting many times. It is one of his passions in life. He has shared his experienced on his blogs and his followers get tempted every time he posts some pictures there.