Technology freaks love to stay update n everything technology. Even though there are a number of blogs that could really help you stay updated on the technology front, most people either hate reading or simply don’t have the time to devote to reading. If you are one of those who neither likes reading or listening to podcasts dont worry, we got you covered with some best sports betting sites to kill time.

Welcome, Podcasts. Podcasts are basically these excellent inventions that help you listen to everything without any hassle of reading or watching. Just plug in your earphones and you are good to go. A great traffic hack, plus you get to listen to some of your favorite topics anytime, anywhere.

So tech geeks, here are 10 tech podcasts you will love without really putting much effort or time.

  • Analog(ue)

This is a podcast that allows you to view the softer side of the digital influx. With everything going digital, all you hear about is how technology has become such a bane on the existence of humankind. Analogue focuses on how digitalization helps the better side of humans.

  • Talking Machines

A relatively new podcast that allows the viewers to get insight into technology-based information. The podcast is delivered by the ex-radio journalist Katherine Girman and Ryan Adams who happens to be a Harvard professor teaching machines. It is an excellent learning portal.

  • Product Hunt Radio

As the name itself suggest, this podcast highlights on maintaining a daily list of products that are being launched. They bring on speakers who are the who’s who of the tech world.

  • The podcast

The wired is no stranger to anything technology. One of the best things about this podcasts is that it talks about relatively unconventional tech topics that may not be the most popular.

  • TED Talks Technology

Honestly, it’s quite hard to leave this one out. Undebatable one of the best blogs when it comes to technology. It calls in the who’s who of the tech industry and provides some really crisp insight on how the industry functions, what products work what do not.

  • Tech Stuff

Lead by Lauren Vogelbaum and Jonathan Strickland and backed by the insanely popular This podcast uncovers technology updates and how it is impacting the society of businesses.

  • Amplified

This show has been an award winner all thanks to its great insights on devices especially apple. They have great comparisons and reviews on competitor products. They have expert opinions on what works and what doesn’t.

  • Rocket

A great all females podcast hosted by three really smart tech-savvy women. Their strong team has a complete experience in diverse fields like tech, mobiles, comics and more. They are a bunch of super enthusiastic women with an interesting take on technology.

  • This week in Google

If Google obsession can’t stop taking over you, then this one is definitely for you. If you love everything Google does, or hate it, this podcast keeps you updated on a weekly basis.

  • The Talk show

John Gruber, the tech guru will keep you updated on what’s happening with apple, some really interesting and intriguing stories will be thrown your way. Some really cool guests to keep you hooked. This one’s to watch out for.