For the past few decades, email marketing has gone through some initiative and advancement. There are lots of designs you can try out to get more subscribers. The more innovative, the more subscribers you have on your email list.

To help you out, we have come with some few ideas of how to create and design your emails. Also, there is lots of software you can use to develop your email content. Those who are interested to know about current trend on email, we’ve tracked some of the patterns on the last year.

1. Making a Stunning Background

Content with the same white background is outdated. All you need to do is create a colorful experience with more than one color to workout. And a dash of elements with bright, colorful designs. Your eyes can see 16 millions of hex color code.

So, why not mix them up to attract the subscribers. Even you can use gradient color with horizontal or vertical with your choices, and make a fade gradient color that can do wonders in design.

2. Go with Attractive Fonts

Once you know about how to color the background, the very next thing to look upon is the fonts. You can use different crazy fonts and also you can decorate them to make fall for your designs and creativity. If you are not confident in coloring your fonts, you can use some beautiful fonts.

3. Add the Viral Things on Your Email

Instead of using texts you can use emojis, and some icons can make it look cooler to read the content. Nowadays these are seen in many business email formats to get more subscribers.

Don’t worry, if the emojis and icons are not workouts, make your icons and emojis to make it work. You can see many companies use these things.

4. Add Pixel Designs on Your Content

The best thing about the box-shaped pixel content is that the user can scroll it down with excellent responsive. You can go from 4 column to 6 column based on the screen size and the content size.

5. Commercial or Cinema Graphics Gifs

When you are email database marketing a product, you have to invest a ton of money to produce a video. After you upload it on the tube, why to trim the best actions and make it a Gif? We bet that people will see this gif more than twenty times.

If the video length is quick, you can embed with your email to attract your audience. You can use pop up buttons instead of a regular button to get more interactive with the viewers.

6. Side By Side Title and Text

Stack the content in a team by side style (instead of vertical). The traditional and also our schools taught us to put the titles on the top of the content. It is what we all do it in everything. Try to the change the conventions and the put the claims on the left side.