We’re now halfway through 2017, meaning we can review some of the most popular interior design trends of the past six months while looking ahead to upcoming trends we can expect for the remainder of the year.

The days of windows being used solely to let light and air into a home are long gone, with windows having become an integral part of any interior design. There are countless window treatment design trends for 2017 that you can easily implement it your home, and you can expect the results to give your windows that wow-factor.

Organic Elements

Materials made from natural and organic substances have long been a favourite in interior design, and 2017 has seen this trend reach windows. Natural window treatments are nothing new, with wooden blinds being a key example of their long-term appeal, but now there’s so much more that can be used to produce a beautiful natural finish.

It’s all about eco-friendly and organic elements to your treatments, so be sure to think about coverings that utilise natural materials. Think bamboo and other woven wooden blinds, linen shades, and soft, woven curtains.

Add a Personal Touch

Personalising window treatments is another big trend for the year. As a cost-effective way to add more character to your window treatments, personalising your current décor with the likes of trims, tassels, buttons, and shells.

Better still, if you are looking for a completely new window treatment, look out for fabrics, materials, patterns and textures that can be easily personalised to help further complement the décor of the room.

A Year for Yellow

2017 could be considered the year of yellow. It’s been one of the key colour trends not just in interior design, but throughout the fashion world, so if you’re looking to really make your windows stand out this year then be sure to think about adding some yellow to your setup.

You can use virtually any shade of yellow, from soft and sophisticated pastels to vibrant yellows hues, making it simple to find the perfect colour for your interior design. This can be done with blinds, shades, curtains, drapes or even just accessories!

Navy blues, dark chocolates, and charcoals are some of the colours to pair alongside your yellow window treatments – combine these to produce an on-trend window treatment for the upcoming autumn season!

Shutters for the Perfect Bedroom

Shutters are becoming one of the most desired window treatments around, and 2017 is seeing them utlisied to great effect once more. The key trend for shutters is to place in them in bedrooms to produce a stylish décor that is also cosy and relaxing.

Adding soft grey tones, clean linens and various textures throughout your room will help to create warm and inviting ambience perfect for relaxing. Plus, you get the added benefit of shutters blocking out all the light when trying to sleep!