Once, on the place of modern Zurich, there were settlements of ancient Celts and Germans, who were replaced by the Romans. The first mention of the city refers to 929, the same date is considered the official date of Zurich foundation.

The “golden” century for Zurich was the 16th century, when the city under the leadership of Ulrich Zwingli became the center of the Reformation. Since then, little has changed in the guise of the city. Zurich is a typical burgher city, which has bypassed almost all the wars and revolutions of the twentieth century. Moreover, the flow of money from all over the world to the city didn’t stop flowing even during the war.

Zurich, located in the northeast of Switzerland, is a city of exact time and wealthy people. It is dense, not a megalopolis, but still a “global” one – it received such status for its importance on the world economic arena. Zurich is also the world leader in shopping. In the city, you will find not only shopping centers and boutiques of world famous brands, but also a lot of traditional, innovative-conceptual shops and temporary sales areas.

As it is supposed to the tourist center, Zurich is rich in sights and entertainments for every taste.

3 Most Luxurious Hotels In Zurich

You can even hang out in one of the trendy bars, dance all night in the legendary Kaufleuten club or go to an Afro-party in the open air. Choose for yourself- you may always use a car rental in Zurich Airport and discover the city in daytime and at night.

The luxury of the city is taken for granted, as you see the perfect airport, perfect roads, the perfect lake, houses and shops. The list of three most luxurious hotels in Zurich is a convincing proof of the city’s pageantry.

Widder Hotel


Location: Rennweg 7, Zurich 8001

Widder Hotel is located in the heart of the historic city center, near the train station and the famous Bahnhofstrasse. The hotel is in a beautifully restored building from the 12th century. In the past, houses in this part of the city were the houses of craftsmen, nobles, artisans and merchants. These people constantly rebuilt and decorated their homes.

The famous Swiss architect Tilla Tois found a solution to preserve the historical uniqueness of those buildings, while transforming them into a modern fashionable hotel. She has united nine houses with the help of smooth transitions between buildings. Ancient wooden beams and masonry were complemented by constructions of chrome, steel and glass. Reconstruction lasted ten years, and in 1995, the hotel started taking guests in. A single structure of nine buildings has become the outcome of work of more than 1000 designers, builders and specialists in the protection of monuments.

There is an atmosphere of privacy and coziness, an exclusive cuisine and personalized concierge service in Widder Hotel.

Each room of the hotel is decorated in its own style. Some suites are decorated with an old tiled stove, wooden ceiling beams or painting in grisaille technique, in others you will see exquisite frescoes or elegant stucco molding. However, one thing unites them. This is high-quality materials and a close connection with history. Sensory nightlights show the way from the bedroom to the bathroom. There is a TV in the mirror. A stylish interior will enhance the feeling of being in luxury. The penthouse of the hotel will be a unique place for you to stay in Zurich. In these luxury rooms, you will feel like a VIP person.

‘Superior’ rooms are located on two levels, and the places in them would be enough not only for family rest, but also for business meetings – and their elegant atmosphere will be a worthy framework for any business negotiations.

The ‘deluxe’ rooms with a gallery are characterized by exquisite design: these are spacious rooms with high ceilings, designed on steel supporting structures. Moreover, in Suite 509 this remarkable impression is intensified by the works of the Swiss artist Beat Zoderer. However, perhaps, the most pleasant feature of separated rooms and suites is the access to your own roof-terrace.

The Dolder Grand

Location: Kurhausstrasse65, Zurich 8032

You would be delighted by unique views of the city and unforgettable moments of your holiday at the Dolder Grand. The extravagant main building of the hotel, filled with the charm and history, and the atmosphere of two other buildings, in the style of modern classics, would make your stay at the Dolder Grand exclusive. Spacious rooms with luxurious bathrooms and amazing views of the lake, mountains and forests will not leave guests indifferent.

3 Most Luxurious Hotels In Zurich

The Dolder Grand Spa would give you unforgettable relaxation. Here you will forget about everything. Unique conditions for wellness and fitness on an area of ​​4000 square meters, where not only Ladies’ Spa and Gentlemen’s Spa are at your service, but also a large aqua area with a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, terrace, exclusive Spa Suites and much more. Within the concept of ‘Dolder Grand Life Balance’, a wide range of specialized procedures is offered, such as an exclusive ‘La Prairie Treatments’. In the ‘Spa Shop’, you can choose from the products of the world’s leading brands for wellness, fitness and beauty.

Hotel Dolder Grand offers a wide range of services in a medical wellness center. The specialists of cosmetology medicine Aesthetic + Health Link will be happy to advise you on all issues related to rejuvenation and aging problems, screening examinations, preventive medicine, aesthetic dermatology and surgery. Corresponding medical procedures are conducted in the Dolder Grand Spa.

There are 175 luxurious rooms, Top Suite and Suites. In the rooms of the ‘Top Suite’ category, the guests will feel a unique comfort. ‘Poetry’ or ‘luxury’ – the rooms for every taste are offered. Your accommodation would include the butler service and comprehensive concierge services. There is a Kids Room, where children would be carefully looked after. The Restaurant of the hotel is the real gourmet dream.

Atlantis by Giardino

Location: Doeltschiweg 234, Zurich 8055

The casual coziness together with the stylish elegance of Atlantis by Giardino hotel made it a real architectural gem on the foot of the Zurich’s Üetliberg Mountain. This legendary hotel invited its first guests in 1970s. Today, it is totally renovated, as the reopening took place in December 2015.

3 Most Luxurious Hotels In Zurich

The hotel is vintage and luxury at the same time, surprising each guest with its originality.

A nice check-in practice, when you are invited to sit in the cozy chairs at the lobby and the receptionist brings everything to you, would definitely please the guests. There are 95 well-designed, spacious rooms, which include alcohol-free minibar, breakfast buffet and Wi-Fi. All the rooms are having great views; some of them afford views over the valley. There is a free shuttle service to and from the city center, (which is only 10 minutes from the hotel). The staff is multi-lingual and welcoming.

One more pleasant thing about the Atlantis by Giardino is the discount on the room price. When you are staying three (or more) nights at the hotel, you get a 10% discount – no matter the day and the type of the room.

The ‘Hide & Seek Restaurant’ on the edge of the forest, which is working just on Sundays, would make your Sunday in Zurich unforgettable! The live music, city view and clean forest air, while having your brunch, served with Prosecco, hot drinks and juices, would clear your thought and help you to relax.

The price of the brunch is 95 CHF per person, 50% price for children up to 12 years. It is free of charge for kids up to 6 years.