Furnishing a small home is something that many people find themselves having to do. Newly built houses are often smaller than they used to be. Apartment living is extremely common, especially among younger people and in cities. With small living spaces to cope with, clever ways to use and save space become more necessary. One of the best ways to do it is to look for space saving furniture. There are many products designed to do more than one thing at once or use space in a smart way. They’re ideal for using in small rooms and making the most of the space you have available. Some of these products can shake up the industry and help to make it better.

 The Living Cube

Some of the best types of space saving furniture aim to do as much as possible with one item. This is what The Living Cube does. It was designed by a Swiss designer, Till Könneker, and combines several pieces of furniture. Its multiple functions are bundled into one unit, which looks like a large bookcase or entertainment center. However, the design is deceptively simple when you first look at it. It has a series of shelves, which can be used as a workspace, to store a TV, or for anything from books to vinyl records. There’s also space to store clothes and shoes, so you can use it as a wardrobe too. Finally, the top of the unit acts as a queen-sized bed, with a ladder leading up to it.

 Convertible Sofa by Julia Kononenko

Many people in apartments and small homes don’t need to use all their furniture at once. They may not need to use their bed during the day, so they convert it to a desk or store it along the wall. One product that aims to do a similar thing is the convertible sofa by Polish designer Julia Kononenko. This sofa combines the functions of comfortable seating for relaxing and a dining space. The three-seater sofa can be turned into a small dining table and six stools, and the cushions can also be used for comfortable seating on the floor too. The backrest of the sofa could also be folded down to form a bench. It saves plenty of space for small homes.

The Wall Bed

Furl are well known for their extremely high-quality space saving furniture and their wall beds are no different. They ooze class and are designed by the best in the business. The shelves remain completely horizontal when lowering the bed from the wall which is no mean-feat. Accessing the bed is simple, you simply press a button on the wall and down it comes. You have to see it to believe it.

Straight Line Designs Hollow Chair

Combining storage with furniture is nothing new. Many tables, seats, and other items open up to allow people to store things inside. However, this usually involves hiding away the things you want to store. This is fine if you want to tidy things away and not have them on view, but there might be times when you want to show off your possessions. The hollow chair by Straight Line Designs has a hollow base, with lots of room for whatever you want to put there. You can use it to store books, firewood, toys, or anything you can fit into space. It turns storage into a design feature.

There are many other space saving furniture designs that will appeal to people with small homes. Some of them are more inventive than others and could influence the industry.