How to transform a business that does not work?

1. Where are you going with your Business?

One of the fundamental errors that an employer or your own business can make is not knowing exactly what direction you want to give your business. I usually like to use the symbol of the holidays because it is very clear and secure feel identified with it. So if you are planning your next vacation, one of the first decisions you’ll make is where you go. Maybe you can think that the place does not matter as much as what you do there. In any case, you have a very specific goal to help you decide all the rest of what you need for your holiday.

In your business is exactly the same. What you need to know where you want to go, what kind of business you want to have, what type of customers you serve, what expectations do you have for your business, etc. Define all this will help lead the way in your business and also will help you visualize the inconsistencies when you have to make decisions.

2. Choose the Right Vehicle to reach the Destination

Continuing the metaphor of the holidays, it is clear that if you make a transatlantic voyage, is difficult for you to use your own car. Likewise, if you want to position yourself as an international expert and have a successful business selling your professional services, you can not have the sole promotion internet for a fan page.

Understand me well, have a fan page is a great strategy. But if you know exactly what to expect. Putting wrong car at the wrong expectations, is like buy a beautiful running shoes, and go to the snow with them. If you then can not even take a step with them, it will not be the fault of the shoes, or who sold you the shoes, not even your fault because you could not run shoes. The problem is the wrong vehicle.

3. Ask for help and get yourself an expert to guide you where you want to reach

In a society in which it seems we all have to be superpowers to be successful, may appear to be frowned upon for help. I believe the opposite, and I think that is precisely the basis not only of your own success but also that we are a more experienced professional community.

For example, how much it costs me not knowing how to properly advertise your services? How much you invest money on advertising then do not know if it really was effective or not?.

What could achieve using this type of professional you can not do alone? And what you could accomplish with my help, for example, if I could guide you to make your business finally let off and deal with customers who do not appreciate, do not pay your fees or unresponsive your calls? What would it be for you to accelerate your results and finally out of the impasse in which you find yourself?.