I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” – Douglas Adams, English Writer (1952-2001)

Suppose, you have an order of around 50,000 promotional outfits and accessories that need to be shipped from Guangzhou to a client based in Texas by a month’s time. The question which you might ask yourself is, ‘will my order leave my factory on time to meet the shipping deadline?’ So, you must try out ways to reach safely to the shore without flying into oblivion!

What do you think can be the easiest solution for this? The answer is product inspection. The importers, with the help of regular product testing, can evaluate their products in a much better way, thereby eliminating any kind of defects before it gets shipped to the client. Importing goods on time is essential and every importer should meet the shipping deadlines in order to gain loyalty from the clients. More so, this commitment becomes all the more vital during the holiday seasons like Christmas and New Year.

However, every experienced manufacturer knows well the need of delivering the best quality products to the customers along with maintaining the shipping deadlines.

Here are the three different ways in which product testing companies in Guangzhou can help the manufacturers satisfy their clients by delivering flawless products on time:

  • Check in on the Supplier

With the help of a product inspector, you will be able to check on your supplier at the various stages of the production in order to ensure that their work timeline is perfect. The product inspector will also let you know about the kind of raw materials the factory workers are using and whether or not they are passing the Quality Check (QC). Also, you will get to know whether the production process is on track or not. You will also be informed time-to-time about the state of the goods, the quality level and whether or not the products are meeting your specifications.

  • Reduced time for Rework

Product inspection, therefore, can give you a much clearer look at the state of the products at the factory. Also, it reduces a lot of time for rework. Which can happen both before and after shipping the goods to the client. However, if you need rework every time, you will need more workers and a number of tools and equipment. These will require a lot of money as well. So, when the product inspector will test the process from its beginning, there will be lesser rework. And this way, you will be able to save a lot of time as well as money.

  • Improved Communications

A huge number of manufacturers often report difficulties in communicating with the suppliers which further causes delay in the shipment. Sometimes cultural and legal differences arise which further complicate the business relationship between the two. Product inspection, at this point of time, can help in improving the overall communication between the manufacturers/importers and the suppliers. Better communication leads to better understanding which further helps the manufacturers to ship the products on time, without any further delay.

Manufacturers usually commit to deliver quality products within a given deadline. Also, as a manufacturer, the reputation of your company depends on how you keep your word. So, with the help of regular product inspections, you can ensure that the deadline is perfectly met.