The introduction of Google Adwords has proved the claims of many marketing pundits wrong. As a website owner, if you are looking for instant results, then Google Adwords is an ideal tool which can help you achieve your objective. Here some ways in which Google Adwords can help you in pay per click marketing of your website:-

Evaluation and Monitoring of PPC Ads

You can make use of Google Adwords to keep a track of your PPC campaigns and assess it from time to time. The conversion tracker will help you find out what happens once a user clicks on your website. You will be able to find out the exact words that helped the visitor to perform your desired action.

Adwords offers users with a performance evaluation report which includes information on customer click through conversion rates and other statistical details. This data will help you to find out the exact areas of your PPC campaign which need to be reworked. You can also use Adwords to do split testing of your ads. Split testing will enable you to run two different ads with same targeted keywords and place them at the same place.

Selection of Keywords and Bidding

It is wise to utilize automatic bidding at the initial stage. It will help you manage your investments judiciously since you will be able to set a maximum budget for your PPC campaign to be spent on a regular basis. To ensure that the system doesn’t spend more than what you plan for each keyword, you can set a maximum cost per click(CPC)rate as well.

You can perform research of your own keywords using a free keyword tool from Google. To do so, you will need to reorganize keywords into groups. All of them should have their own landing pages, ad copy and bids. It will help you track the results in a hassle free manner and ensure that you don’t face any issues with keyword bids.

Find out whether your competitors are utilizing Google Adwords or not. If you own a restaurant in Milan, there will  hundreds of competitors to it. So, you will need to think out of box while using keywords. You will need to find out the exact words that help your business be distinct from others. If you don’t come across ads while performing keyword search, then you can be sure that you can achieve a high ranking without spending too much. It means that your click-through rates(CTR) are higher since you have targeted keywords that are directly related to your business.

PPC Display Options

Once you create a Google Adwords account, you will questioned whether you would want your ads to be placed on Display Network. It is another way to promote your business, but it is not similar to a sponsored link which you see in a search results page. Once you agree to advertise here, your website’s ads will be placed in sites that are owned either by Google or its partners. The ones that are selected would be related to your domain.

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