Many people are living pay check to pay check. For these people, the situation may not get better better enytime soon. There’s a possibility that it will get worse as the economic situation declines further and the rate of unemployment is on the rise. In many cases, the lack of disposable income could make many families become financially deprived. In this case, people need to survive on basic foods, home-made household items, repaired clothing, cheap beauty products and basic forms of entertainment. Although it is very possible to continue live based on this situation, it won’t feel satisfying to continue live in deprivation.

Here are things we need to do:

Cut our food bills: There should be many ways to help us save money while we are at the supermarket. Often, we could save a lot of money by buying generic products. It may take a bit of effort and time to choose food products that are nutritious, safe, cheap and available at sufficient quantity. However, without proper purchase selections, it is possible for us to spend nearly $500 each week with a family of four. For many people buying in bulk could be a good ways to save some money. It should be possible to obtain a large amount of money by buying in bulk. And of course, there are coupons that we could use. It could be time consuming to obtain enough coupons for this purpose, but we should take advantage of any good deal available in the nearest stores. We may have heard stories about people who are able to stock a large amount of products in their basement by collecting coupons whenever they have an opportunity.

Use long lasting clothes: To save money, we should wear everything out before we replace it. This is an important concept for people embrace the low-cost lifestyle. With the onset of mass production era, including in the clothing industry, the activity of mending clothes is one activity that may eventually disappear. While many of us don’t have the skill to produce our own clothing, we should still be able to patch them. Whatever we do, we should try to make our clothes last as long as possible, in fact it may take a few clothes to fix most tears and rips. To improve results, we should choose threads with colors that match the color of our fabric. Practice make perfect, so with sewing, it should be possible to repair so many things. It is true that clothes could get to the point where it’s unsuitable to repair them further, for example if the fabric is already discoloured, frayed and fragile. However, we should be able to keep our clothing usable by repairing them.

Make natural cleaners: There are many natural cleaners that are both safe and affordable. We could look for online recipes to make a variety of cleaners, but common ingredients may include lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar and baking soda. Baking soda and lemon juice are bleaching agent, olive oil can polish surfaces and vinegar has anti-bacterial purposes.