Do I need an Immigration lawyer, or I can fill the forms all my own? If yes, you hire an immigration lawyer for one of the two reasons, you either want to be a permanent resident of the US or a US citizen. Hiring a right Immigration lawyer can be a tough task as there are many lawyers available. The issue is, most of the lawyers are not competent enough to handle immigrants and laws associated with them, unlike others.

Immigration lawyers hold a better chance of helping you get a green card and apply for U.S citizenship. The possibilities broaden if you have been working in the United States for a long time.

The point is to hire an Immigration Lawyer, who has the knowledge, time to complete the job and most importantly the experience. What will you look for the lawyer if you are willing to hire one? One who has experience, who is well versed with the legal procedures and laws, which is reasonable, and most importantly who can let you know the entire process. Right? If you know what you want, here are some benefits of hiring the right Immigration lawyer for you.

Benefit 1. Immigration lawyers make you aware of the facts involved in the case

There is a lot of paperwork involved in the process of getting a green card. IT require documents, practices and details to complete the procedure. These laws can be very complex. For instance, if you want to work in Florida, there is a long list of the documents needed and laws that you should be aware of, and an Immigration Attorney helps you with that. If you want to apply for one, consult an Immigration attorney.

Benefit 2. Representation at the consulate

Not all, but many immigration procedures require an interview held with an officer of the USCIS. If you are fully prepared, you can stand the chance of a successful interview.  An immigration attorney lets you know the procedure and the steps that are supposed to be followed for a successful interview for immigration. He equips you with the details required to answer the questions of the officer properly.

Benefit 3. Preparing the applications

The documentation and the procedure can many a times be lengthy and stressful. So, making and filing the petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is a very important process. One of the benefits of hiring an Immigration Attorney is that he has an immense experience and expertise in preparing the documents so that he prepares a strong case to present to you.

Benefit 4. Resolves the issues on green cards and visas

An Immigration Attorney is associated with many government associations like USCIS, CBP, ICE and many others. These associations help them in resolving the problems associated with green cards and visas.

If you wish to obtain a visa when you have been working with an organisation, but the employer is not ready to handle the immigration process, an immigration attorney can help you in processing the documents.