As we already know High Bay Lights are lights which are used to illuminate spaces with high ceilings. The type of ceilings which you can use a high bay light include ceilings ranging from 20 feet – 45 feet.

Actually there are two types of bay lights – high bay lights and low bay lights. But in this guide I will be talking about high bay light rather the low bay light which is used for ceilings 20 feet and below.

High bay lights are used in large spaces because they have the capacity to brighten up a large area of space so it is often used in such places as:

Assembly Lines

An assembly line which is a manufacturing process that breaks the production of a good, mostly cars, into steps that are completed in a pre-defined sequence. Assembly lines are mostly used for the mass production of goods like cars, airplanes, bikes etc.

Assembly lines are often very large spaces with ceilings that are above 20 feet. Assembly lines usually use high bay lights to brighten up space as sometimes production is done around the clock. Most assembly plants uses reflectors for high bay light to brighten up space even more.


Warehouses are buildings which are usually used for storage and distribution of goods. This is where goods are kept after production, and from the warehouse the goods are then distributed to their various locations.

Warehouses often have shelves that are stretched from one end of the warehouse to the other and they are often very high. So, therefore, warehouses also use high bay lights to brighten up space. With high bay lights in the warehouse, workers can be able to work effectively and easily identify where certain goods are located in the warehouse.


A workshop is often a large space area where people like mechanics, craftsmen and technical professionals use to carry out their working activities. It often has a high ceiling above 20 feet and therefore requires a high bay light.

But most importantly it requires reflector for high bay light to evenly distribute and brighten up the whole area so that people working there, for example, mechanics can be able to work effectively and efficiently.


Just like an assembly plant, a factory is a large building area where machines are being used to make large quantities of products and goods. For example factories where furniture, clothing, consumer goods are being manufactured before they are dispatched to the warehouse for storage.

Factories are also large space areas which uses high bay lights, in fact factories are one of those place which needs high bay lights the most.

These are 4 important places where high bay lights are used and needed the most to lighten up the place for the workers to do their work in comfort. A bright place has so many benefits for the workers and it also reduces a lot of risk like accidents due to darkness.