SEO is gaining significance in the mainstream content marketing strategies. Every Google update speaks in volume about the increased role of search engine optimization that it has become possible to neglect its importance. Every web development company hires SEO executives to solve the SEO problems of a website and increase the traffic on a website. Here are top 4 SEO principles which can help to increase the traffic on a website.

  1. Keywords: Whenever you are writing a content, make sure you know the major topic and phrases people search on it. For instance you are writing on Drupal development, you must understand that how people search for Drupal developers or development in general. Have your research complete on the back to support your content to rank higher. You can utilize several SEO tools to research for the best keyword research as well, so that you add the words people search widely for.
  2. Image dockets and tags: Most of us love to add images on our websites to make them look trendy and attractive. However, most of us do not use them with proper tags to ensure Google can recognize them. It is very important that Images can be understood by Google indexing sites , to do that you should add tags to your images to make them more receptive y the google crawlers.
  3. Meta description: Meta description is the content that appears below the URL of the search page. This content explains your product in brief words and introduce your perspective visitor in the most engaging manner. Your success is to make them click on the link an open the URL.
  4. Backlinks: Backlinks are very important for SEO ranking. Backlinks are the external URLs that comes from one webpage to another. Backlinks shows the truth on your content by another webpage. Backlinks add to your reference and build cross page relationship. One thing to be cautious is that you should add valuable links which may not disappoint your users.