It can be fun to allow your pet on your carpet, right next to you and your family. Unfortunately, pets do not go well with fabric. As well-trained as they may seem, pets do have accidents, and shedding is beyond their control. Neither is to be taken lightly. Exposure to skin flakes and urine can cause serious health conditions. If you find this hard to believe, take a look at these statistics.

One in three people are with pets that they are allergic to 

If it stinks when your dog or cat pees, it’s because pet urine contains concentrated ammonia, a volatile substance that can irritate the respiratory tract. Exposure to ammonia, over time, can cause serious health conditions among those who are prone. Migraines, allergies and immune system disorders are all possibilities, as well.

DIY cleaning methods simply do not help. Pet stains can quickly get into the padding and subfloor. It takes professional cleaning to truly remove accidents from carpet. Doing so can greatly reduce the incidence of pet-related allergy symptoms

People are affected by pet-borne parasites in a third of all homes

While people will do nearly anything to avoid contact with a parasite, they tend to not become unduly worried about catching parasites from their pets. Pet-borne parasites do affect around a full third of pet owners. According to Modernistic cleaning services, it takes powerful steam cleaning equipment to neutralize parasites.

Pet dander causes 15% of all allergies 

Dander, the flecks of skin naturally shed by animals, is a major health hazard. It tends to stick to carpet fibers, and to slowly release to the air over time. It can cause severe allergic reactions. Pets, for this reason, are supposed to be kept well away from all fabric furnishings — sofas, beds and carpets. Such allergies are no small matter. Studies have found that one in seven of those between ages 6 and 19 suffer from allergic reactions to their own pets. Many such allergies are caused by dander.

Dust mites cause one in two allergies

You may be able to see none of the millions of dust mites that call your carpet home; they are there, nevertheless. Ordinary vacuums are simply powerless against them. It takes deep steam cleaning to keep carpeting clean of them.

Carpet is high-maintenance. Unlike mattresses and sofas, falling behind on maintenance can lead to much more than a loss of good looks. It can have health consequences. If you do choose to keep carpeting, it’s important to keep it clean.