When you operate a business, you know all too well that marketing your brand is of the utmost importance.

With that being the case, the unfortunate realization is that many business owners fail to capitalize on their marketing opportunities. As a result, they miss out on not only new business potential, but growing their revenue streams. When this happens the days in business can in fact be numbered.

4 Tips For Storage Facilities To Nail Marketing

In running a self-storage facility, you know that there is a sizable appetite nationwide for customers.

Whether individuals are moving and need extra storage space, traveling for an extended period of time, or even just want more room in a place they plan to call home for many years, storage can be a necessity.

So, when your self-storage business needs some brand promotions, how good are you at nailing it via marketing?

Market the Benefits of Self-Storage

For your self-storage business to take advantage of all the different marketing opportunities present, do the following:

  1. Promote – One should not really have to remind you of this, but how well do your promote your business? Yes, you may very well have a tight marketing and/or advertising budget, but you want to bring in more business one would assume? By properly promoting your self-storage business, you spread the word around town and potentially outside too. Don’t think that promotions outside town are a waste of time to you. Remember, you have many people crisscrossing the country for various reasons. As a result, there are potential opportunities for you in Omaha or Lincoln to rent out space for someone in California searching for storage units around Nebraska
  2. Content – Assuming you have a website, are you properly using it? Unfortunately, some business owners literally have websites just to say they do and/or because competitors have them. At the end of the day, neither of those reasons is really worthwhile. One of myriad of reasons to have a business website is to help promote your brand. As part of those website promotions, do your best to put your blog to good use. Doing so allows you to not only spread the word about your brand, but also keep consumers in the loop about your overall industry, what is trending there, how consumers can score deals etc. For example, are the general prices for self-storage units rising or declining nationwide? What are the top concerns most consumers have with putting their items in storage, be it security to potential damage from mold if the facility is not well ventilated? The blog content should be refreshed several times a week, sent out on your social media (see more below) channels, and even shared with others when you have the opportunity to be a guest blogger.

Socialize the Branding Experience

  1. Social media – If you are not using or that is properly using social media, you are once again falling behind the eight ball. There are so many opportunities with social networking that you would be foolish to avoid it. For example, you may or may not know that millions of consumers these days are all over social sites such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Snapchat just to name a few. With millions of people on those sites, you have lots of possibilities when it comes to reaching some of them for new business. Like the content on your blog, use social media to get the attention of consumers, and then reel them in. You can use your Facebook fan page to talk about specials; offering first-time storage renters a month’s free rent if they print out your digital coupon and bring it with them. Now, see how easy that was?
  2. Loyalty – Lastly, loyal customers are the backbone of any good business. That said be sure to market to loyal customers on a regular basis. Yes, you need marketing to land new ones, but you can never forget the customers who’ve helped you start and keep your business going. By marketing news, deals and more to them, they know you’re interested in keeping them as clients.

So that you and your self-storage facility can nail marketing, make sure you have lots of room in your weekly schedule to market your brand.