Do you fancy an ale, sir? Well do not go to the local pub, you’ll get the same bland beer you drank yesterday and weeks before. It is a waste of money. Why don’t you go to the best place of the finest beers? Yes, I am talking about Belgium, Belgium where you can taste the most delicious of beers.

However, hold your horses do not go there immediately without planning your trip. You better listen to me first before you embark on your journey to Belgium because there are 5 places where I can guarantee you’ll taste the best of beers.

Moeder Lambic

Moeder Lambic, Brussels

Oh the Chez Moeder Lambic, the great beer cafe. This is the place which is most recommended by the townsfolk if you are new to the place of Brussels. Moreover, this beer café is also the most recommended on the internet when you plan to visit Brussels any day soon.

Now that makes this café interesting? Well first off, its location is at the center of Brussels. You will find this beer café located near the Fontanais square which you will quickly find as you are greeted by its brown façade. Next, when you get inside the great bear café, you will find multitudes of bottles lining to greet you. Moreover, what is interesting about the place is that it does not only provide you with the great beers brewed in Belgium but also it includes the other great brews found in other countries like Span, Italy, Germany and Denmark. Ironically, the inside is very cold to lengthen the storage life of the beers stacked inside, but why do they intend to lengthen its storage life, when it seems to me their stocks are always barely enough to fill the beer bellies of its patrons.

À la Mort Subite

Mort Subite A la Mort Subite

If you are a tourist with quite a knack for history my friend then you will love A la Mort Subite. I know if you understand the meaning of the café’s name you will be shocked (which is “sudden death” by the way). I don’t really know why it is named as such, because if you see its façade at Warmoesberg there isn’t anything “deathly” about the place, instead, it is vibrant with 20th century life.

Yes, my friend, its interior design is patterned after 20th century Brussels. Inside you will find toweringly high ceilings, and antiquely designed tables and benches. Technically, inside you will literally be drunk in 20th century Brussels. Moreover, what is more impressive is the café serves the hallowed Kriek Beer that could be paired with the classic Brussels sandwich that contains radishes and a soft cheese.

Chez Moeder Lambic (Original Moeder Lambic)

chez moeder lambic

What is more fun than visiting the origin of the great beer café in Brussels. The Chez Moeder Lambic is the original of the two Moeder Lambics and this Moeder Lambic is located at Saint-Gilles. Though there is nothing significantly different between the two Moeder Lambics except for the interior designs as there are no beers lining up to greet you in Chez Moeder Lambic; however, the thing to visit about the Chez Moeder Lambic the antique feel as much of the architecture hasn’t changed since it was in operation. Moreover, it is where limbic beers were first widely drank in Brussels nights. Thus, it becomes a reason why you should visit both places.



Welcome to the puppet cellar! Yes, the meaning of that ridiculously complicated name is Puppet cellar. In puppet cellar, you will get to be able to enjoy drinking your beer under the eyes of puppets and trust me they are not one bit creepy. Instead, it is very enjoyable to drink your beer inside with lots of puppets and marionettes looking at you.

The history of the place is that it was a storage place of puppets that makes appearances in the near puppet theatre. Now the puppets make the wonderful decoration as you observe while drinking one of the 150 beers available for orders. Moreover, if you choose to really get tipsy well there are also strong lambics just for you to drink inside the Poechenellekelder.

La Porte Noire

La Porte Noire, Brussels

What do you get when you add medieval and whiskey taverns? You get the La Porte Noir (The Black Gate). In La Porte Noir you are treated to an evening where in you can drink both beer and whiskey inside and listen to music. Yes, there is a live band session inside that plays music every night while you drink your beers or whiskeys. On the other hand, if you choose not to listen to the music, you can just admire the architecture of medieval Europe. The La Porte Noire is a convent-converted tavern that dated back in the Middle Ages. Moreover, if you are lucky enough you will feel the holiness of the former nuns that resided while you chug that glass of beer inside the La Porte Noire.

Belgium is a unique place in Europe to visit, because the number one attraction here is not the antique monuments or the harrowing architecture that outlived their architects. Instead, its tourism boasts only the best beers in the world are found in Belgium. Thus, if you fancy a Belgian ale, pack your bags now and ready your beer belly and when you arrive, rent a car in Brussels, because Brussels is the city where the beer never ends and what better way to enjoy the city than riding on wheels.

Bon Voyage!