If you’re planning to relocate to a new business premises it’s essential that you have the right office relocation team in your corner. Whether you’re a start-up with just a handful of employees or you’ve been in business for quite some time and your organisation is continuously growing, you’ll find that relocating to a new office space is so much easier when you hire the right company movers.

To help you make the right decisions about the company movers you hire to assist you with your move, take note of the following five tips to source the very best providers of business relocations in Hampshire and the surrounding counties.

1. Experience

Firstly, do they have suitable experience with office relocations? As you will come to realise when looking for a good local team, some providers of business relocation services don’t specialise in business relocations at all and actually have very little relevant experience. You need to make sure they’re well-versed in office relocations and are able to provide you with the expertise you need.

2. Insurance

All business relocation service providers are required to have insurance, so make sure the team you consider hiring has a valid and current insurance policy to protect your valuable equipment and furniture when moving to your new workplace. It would be a major mistake to overlook this.

3. Services

There’s so much more to an office relocation than moving equipment, furniture and other items from one location to another, so you must ensure that the office relocation company you hire offers all the services that you have need of. These include:

  • Packing services – This helps to ensure everything is packed properly and isn’t at risk of being damaged during the move.
  • Storage services – You may need to move to your new workplace in stages, so having the option of a secure storage facility may prove beneficial.
  • Crate hire services – Hiring crates rather than buying boxes often works out to be much more affordable and cost-effective.

Those are just three of the many additional services that you may find you have need of when relocating to a new office space, whether that’s in your current area or somewhere farther afield.

4. Support

Due to what’s involved in a business relocation, it’s essential to ensure the company you hire is able to offer you the right advice and provides excellent customer support and service. Don’t overlook the importance of this.

5. Rates

What are their rates like? You’ll have noticed that this wasn’t listed first and that’s because there are actually more important qualities to focus on than price alone, like experience, insurance, services and support, to list just four qualities that you need to insist on when hiring a relocation team.

In conclusion, if you’re to source the very best team of office relocation specialists who’ll help you make your upcoming move a breeze, you can’t overlook the five points outlined above. Use these tips to make the right decisions about the office relocation team you hire to help you move.