Whether you are a budding filmmaker, writer or painter, there is a wider wiggle room for artists to earn money. The field offers range of opportunities for creative to make a fortune. Therefore, if you are a creative soul, then there are multitudes of opportunities that are waiting for you.

High-Paying Jobs for Artists

So, it is time to bring out your hidden creative genius as we present to you 5 of the lucrative careers that will add more zeroes in your paycheck:

1. Multimedia Artists and Animators

Median Salary: $79,000

If you are into advertising, film direction or animation, then you are just a few steps away from making a well-paid career. Advertising agencies and media houses hire multimedia artist and animators to add special effects in commercial ads, movies and TV shows.

2. Art Director

Median Salary: $57,970 – $115,210

The art director is responsible for all of the visual and artistic effects in a motion picture or TV show. Art directors work along with the creative team of a project and offer their skills in industries that include publishing, advertising, television and filmmaking.

3. Game Designer

Median Salary: $71,910

The gaming industry is a million-dollar business. Thanks to the game designer, this industry has reached new heights of popularity. Not only the quality and storytelling of console games are getting better, but gaming market is expanding as well.

Gaming offers plenty of career opportunities for ambitious professionals. For example, there is Level Designer who is responsible for setting levels of a game and there is System Designer who creates codes that regulate the game rules. You can also opt for the position of Software Engineer, Release Manager or Art Director.

4. Photographer

Median Salary: $20,710 – $43,700

With just a camera in your hand, you can create art that sells. If you love to take pictures of animals, objects, flowers or people, then you can earn a career in photography.

You can work for fashion houses, newspapers, ad agencies and other places that make use of photography. Although, there is a great demand for photographers; you must have good skills in the photography and photo-editing applications to give this profession your best shot.

5. Fashion Designer

Median Salary: $44,150 – $90,590

Creating designs of dresses, clothes, shoes and purses are all the stuff that befit portfolio of a fashion designer. A good job in fashion design can earn you a highly reputable career in fashion industry. Don’t believe us? Just check salary range of fashion designers on world’s leading job banks and you will know how much money they are rolling in.

Mentioned above are just few of the many valuable professions available for artists. If you know more careers in creative field, let us know in the comments section below.

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