Now you can use Google services without having Google+ account, according to VP, Bradley Horowitz. He looked confident that the focus of Google+ will be more on connecting people, and that people will see more changes in future.

5 Must-Known Facts To Maximize Engagement On Google Plus

As we enter this era of Google+, our focus should be on

  • Maximizing the benefits it offers as social network, and

  • Maximizing our engagement on it

To measure engagement on this network, 33,000+ posts were analyzed based on their content. This article is based on the outcomes of this analysis.

Google+ Photo Analysis

This study indicates that images play a significant role in generating engagement on Google+.

  • Posts with images received more than 60% +1’s, over 10% reshares and over 30% replies

  • Posts without images received 20% +1s, 2% reshares and 15% replies.

This shows, if you use proper images to tell your story, you’ll have more chances of engagement on Google+.

Analysis of Google+ Mentions

If you want to give reference to someone on Google+, put a “+” sign against his name. That person gets a link to his profile and same information is sent to him via notification.

The study shows, plus mentions also help a great deal in improving engagement on Google+.

  • Posts with mentions received +1’s closed to 60%; reshares over 20% and replies closed to 50%

  • In comparison, posts without mentions received +1’s around 25%; 2% reshares and 15% replies.

Another significance of including mentions in post is, they’re reshared more than those with images.


Hashtags have always been a great way to engage with people. The study on Google+ posts examined the impact of hashtags of social engagement.

  • Hashtags received more than 20% more +1s and 12% more reshares compared to posts without them

  • There isn’t much of a difference between the two, based on the replies they get

Video, Not a Favorable Option

The study showed unusual results on posts with videos because they did not receive more +1s and reshares compared to posts without videos. In fact, less than 1% posts received reshares on Google+. There isn’t much of a difference in terms of replies as well.

But if we compare video sharing activity on Google+ and YouTube, you’ll have better chances to get +1’s and reshares if the video was shared directly on Google+ than if it was autoshared via YouTube.

Post Length

This can be a debatable topic, especially with Google+ posts. By segregating post length into categories, their analysis revealed following results:

  • Autoshared Posts (0 characters): they received 22% +1’s, 3.1% reshares and 7.7% replies

  • Posts having 1-100 characters: 25.9% +1’s, 2.2% reshares and 18.7% replies

  • Posts having 101 – 500 characters: 27.8% +1’s, 3.7% reshares and 15.0% replies

  • Post having 501 – 1000 characters: 44.8% +1’s, 14.1% reshares and 33.1% replies

  • Post with 1000+ characters: 36.9% +1’s, 7.6% reshares and 11.1% replies

What Have We Learnt?

On the basis of the facts mentioned above, following information will be helpful in determining what kind of posts will suit your purpose.

  • A post with videos shared directly is 1.05 times likely to get +1’s, while an autoshared video is 1.02 times more likely to get a reply.

  • A link share via link button has 1.06 times likelihood of getting a reshare. On the other hand, if the URL is pasted directly into the post, it’s 1.97 times likely to get a reshare.

  • If you share an album, there will be more chances of getting a reshare (2.11 times) than a +1 (1.65 times).

  • Hashtags and Plus Mentions are likely to get reshares (5.72 times and 7.48 times respectively) and photo share has 8.8 times probability of getting a reshare.


Above mentioned figures indicate how important Google+ can be for business towards building engagement. While you have best SEO company Canada to bring more traffic and conversion opportunities for your business, your time and effort on Google+ will remove distance between customers and your brand.