NAD stands for Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is a cofactor found in all living cells responsible for all the fundamental biological processes that make our life possible.

Why is it called a dinucleotide?

The NAD compound is made of two nucleotides joined through their phosphate group. One of the nucleotides contain an adenine nucleobase and the other one contains nicotinamide.

The form of Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide exists in tow form NAD+ and NADH.

In our life, we often get trapped in our thought and it becomes impossible to come out from that process. So, to stop the chattering mind most of us choose supplements to get rid of it.

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Increased Concentration:

When you are addictive to certain drugs or alcohol, it becomes almost impossible for you to concentrate on anything in life. At this stage, you won’t even figure out what to do next to focus on something.

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Improved Memory:

It is said that we get older, the memory becomes faded. It is true though. There is scientific proof that people who are aged are much more inefficient in terms of memory-based work.

Because as we get older our brain stops producing the chemicals needed for our need. NAD IV therapy Los Angeles also used for getting your memory back.

Increased Mental Clarity:

Since brain functions in a much better way, it gives you mental clarity and balance at the same time. Drug abused people becomes that much incapable that they can not take any decision of their own. So developing mental clarity will help you to make a decision and work accordingly.

Improved Mood:

If you are a drug or alcohol abused, you would have probably seen that your mood gets fluctuates a lot. In a fluctuating mood, you can not make a life. NAD iv therapy if you take it you will start experiencing that your mood has improved a lot that previous.

Improved Body Structure:

If I tell you with NAD IV therapy you will look much better will you be convinced? It must be a yes. With this therapy, you will actually look like the younger version of yourself. As this slow down the aging process and leads to healthier and more youthful you. Not only that it will also restore muscle function and help your overall physical fitness.

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