Trying to find qualified, talented people to work for a business takes time and money. It can take several weeks, if not months, for a company to find someone to join their staff who has the education and experience they need. However, by working with a recruitment agency, they can usually find qualified staff faster and take advantage of other benefits.

5 Reasons To Use Recruitment Agencies To Find Job Candidates

They Search Proactively

Placing ads for candidates in newspapers or online is a passive way of finding employees to work for your company. When you work with a recruitment agency, they will search their database for qualified candidates, which is a way of searching proactively. They will recruit from qualified candidates looking for employment, as well as those who may not be looking but might be interested in the jobs you have available.

No Applicants, Only Candidates

When you accept applications or CVs for open positions, you may not get anyone qualified for the positions you have open. However, if you work with a recruitment agency, the people they will send you will have the qualifications and experience you need for your business. In positions requiring certain skills or certifications, such as asbestos survey jobs, it’s important to have people who know what they are doing to protect themselves, other workers, and the public, but most importantly, they can protect your company from liability.

Candidates are Vetted

When a recruitment agency finds candidates for your company, they will vet them for you. They will verify the information on the CVs they receive, including double-checking personal references, their work history, and their levels of education. Since most recruiters have databases of candidates, they have already been verified and are ready to be sent to interviews for positions for which they are qualified.

Saves Money

The hiring process can be expensive, because it takes time to advertise positions, then sort through CVs and applications, set-up interviews, hire candidates, and then train them if necessary. This process takes several weeks, in which your human resources staff could be working on other projects. Fortunately, a recruitment agency can make short work of the hiring process, because they will send you qualified candidates who are experienced in the industry in which your business is in.

Pay with Results

Most recruitment agencies don’t charge companies for their services unless their clients hire the candidates sent to them. This means that you don’t have to pay a recruiter unless they provide you with results. Since they are working on commission, recruiters will work hard to find qualified candidates in which you’re interested, so they can make money for themselves and their agency.

In a tight job market, it can be difficult to find good candidates for openings at your company, especially if you need people with special skills. Fortunately, by working with recruitment agencies, you will have access to a broader range of well-educated, qualified, and if need be, certified candidates for the openings you have. This will save your company time and money when the best people for job openings are readily available.