Technological advancements have made a solid rise in almost all corporate sectors and many industries, including home security system. From small security camera to wireless security camera system, home security system are now designed with more features that provide security for the entire house.

Basically, the home security system consists of DVR system, security cameras, and a control system that integrate all parts. Some security devices come with a built in WiFi cameras to avoid complex wiring between cameras and its control unit.

In this new digital world, these security systems are getting more and more smart each day. And with smartphone and human recognizing algorithms, one can easily trust with their belongings from burglary due to a new facial recognition software.

5 Things To Consider When Installing Security Cameras

Today, these home security systems comes with smartphone compatibility that allows you to watch any corner of your house at any time and keeps you notified.

What to Look For, Where to Install Them, And Others Ways to Prevent Vandalism 

 Even if you live in a nice neighborhood, crimes are being committed every day. As a matter of fact, chances of vandalism, robbery, or an invasion are higher than you’d like to know. With that being said, it is always a good idea to buy and install a home security system. Furthermore, approximately 16% of US houses are already armed with security systems, according to Forbes.

And when it’s matter about protection and peace of mind both, installing an efficient and effective home security system helps to achieve them.

In this article, we’ll uncover the main important factors to look for when opting for  a home security system.

#1: Image Quality: The main key point to consider while buying a security camera for your house is its image quality. We know that cameras with high image quality are expensive ones. But, whenever you’re out for shopping, ask salesperson to show you image qualities of various cameras. Doing so will help you determine best security camera with good image quality that fits you budget.

#2:  Black and White Vs. Color: This is another important when it comes to buying a home security system. And to be honest, if all you want is a basic home security, a black and white security camera will do just as fine. Of course color security cameras can capture much details, but black and white security cameras are much reasonable at pricing, compared to color cameras.

In fact, black and white camera usually captures the same quality of image as the color cameras does during the night time.

#3: Front Door or Back Door: According to a study conducted by FBI, more than 80% of the robbery occurs at the nighttime through the front or back door. This means, opting for a black and white security is not a bad idea. As both, color and black and white camera offer same image quality in the night time.

And in the light of this, we strongly advise to consider installing security cameras at one of your doors, actually at both doors if possible. As a matter of fact, you should consider installing security cameras to record the inside and outside of your house.

#4: Visible Vs. Hidden Camera: Would you want your camera to be visible? If not, you should certainly give that a thought. Today, the home security cameras are small enough to fit in hidden places. So even if thieves chooses to break into your house, they won’t have a clue that there’s a camera recording their each and every move.

However, there are also critics which believe that the cameras that are visible discourages criminals from committing robberies. After all, who would so dumb to break into a house knowing there is a camera staring right there in their face and recording it.

#5: Wired Vs. Wireless: Which one would you prefer? Of course the wireless security cameras are more expensive than wired-ones, but the wireless cameras are relatively easy to hide and install. However, if the wireless camera is too far away from your router, the image quality might go down. Therefore, if you decide to go with wireless camera, make sure that your camera’s connection strength is strong.

The wired cameras on the other hand, are more ideal as they’ve more stable connection so you don’t have to worry about the connection which might fail to connect to a router.

Bottom Line: 

Whenever you’re out in the market shopping for a home security system, ensure to consider these five vital factors before you purchase one. The security of house is everybody’s most important concern and to ensure that your house is secured, purchasing a home security system is a pretty good idea.