Whenever life gets too monotonous, taking a holiday becomes essential. Among all holiday destinations in India, Goa is one of the most popular and tourist-friendly. Every year, thousands of international and domestic travellers grace this party town with their presence. Goa beach holidays consist of spending leisurely days doing not much, but sunbathing or strolling on the velvety sand. Read on to find out the five important things to be kept in mind while packing for a memorable vacation.

Appropriate Footwear

The state is best known for its sandy beaches, and while taking walks on these beaches you will need to wear appropriate footwear. Walking in shoes will not help since the feeling of the sand getting in your shoes is not at all comfortable. Make sure to pack a pair of sandals or beach slippers so that those beautiful evening on beaches are fun-filled and pleasant.

Comfortable and Stylish Clothing

Any holiday with Goa beach packages is incomplete without clicking photos and creating memories that will stay forever. In order to look your best in those vacation photos, pack your finest dresses. But, it is important to remember that your attire should nevertheless be comfortable, such as shorts and loose dresses. However, a few of your party apparels will also be required on this vacation since Goa is the ultimate party town of India. It is always advisable to pack swimwear so that your delicate clothes are not ruined when you decide to get in the water.

Some Protection from Sun

It is a known fact that anyone who goes on Goa beach holidays is looking for the warmth of the sun. But being mostly outdoors for even a few days is bound to harm your skin. While packing for your vacation, do not forget to keep things that will provide you protection from the damage. Defensive accessories, such as sunglasses, scarves and hats are important. Keep at bay those harmful rays of the sun by applying high SPF sunscreen.

Portable Chargers and Extra Batteries for Your Gadgets

When vacationing in Goa, you will spend most of your time outside the hotel room. It will not be possible for you to charge your phone, camera or music player at all times. Since these gadgets, especially your mobile phone should remain turned on while you are exploring a new place, remember to pack a portable charger. Carrying a portable charger and extra batteries while you are on the go will ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Identity Proofs, Especially Driving License

Whenever you are travelling to an unknown city, it is essential that you carry your identity proofs. In Goa, a driving license serves dual purpose. Apart from being an authentic identity proof, it will also allow you hire and drive vehicles in a state where cost of transportation is fairly expensive.

With these above mentioned items, a hassle-free holiday is ensured for everyone planning to go to this western gem.