Describing their product as a revolutionary new living arrangement that’s “a culmination of 22 years of design and building experience,” the ESCAPE is an RV that’s “hand-crafted to the highest construction standards.”

In short, it’s a highly efficient wooden cabin that doubles as an RV (property-wise, not travel-wise unless you have an oversized load permit), and we here at Quality RV couldn’t be more thrilled about this innovation in the industry. In fact, we’re so in love with this product that our team put together a list of five things we love about the new ESCAPE:


This one almost goes without saying — the ESCAPE is decidedly novel. A first-of-its-kind, mass-produced cabin/RV hybrid, the product also features things like a sealed combustion fireplace, cathedral ceilings and highly effective insulation. All that said, the ESCAPE represents an innovative new frontier in the RV industry.


Take one look at the ESCAPE and you’ll agree: The thing looks pretty neat. The exterior of a wooden cabin is elegant and quaint, and the interior is breathtaking. Featuring vaulted ceilings, a screened-in living area (along with a built-in one) and a full kitchen and bathroom, the ESCAPE is certainly something you could feel good about and look good living in as well.


Drawing inspiration from the architectural style of Frank Lloyd Wright, the ESCAPE incorporates the same kind of sophisticated, unique and overall pretty form and composition that Wright was famous for. And at just 14-feet wide and 400-square feet in area, the RV definitely isn’t the largest; as stated by the designers, the goal of the ESCAPE was to be “ubiquitous, easy, completely portable, affordable, and beautiful,” Dan George, the founder of ESCAPE and owner of its parent company, Canoe Bay, said.

In addition, George stressed that detail was important in the Wrightian architecture of the house, stating: “We care about every detail…. If you know about Wrightian architecture, it’s not form follows function, but form and function are one — if you miss by a half inch somewhere, you can screw up the whole building.”


The ESCAPE has a bedroom that can fit a king-size mattress, a bathroom with a full tub and a kitchen decked out with a full fridge and stove. No less, the ESCAPE’s size and technical classification as an RV (and not a house) makes it easier to get a loan for. Additionally, the home can be constructed in less than a day — how’s that for functionality?


Perhaps needless to say, the lifestyle that the ESCAPE promotes is one revolving around dematerialization and therefore sustainability. A highly efficient, small living arrangement, the ESCAPE presents a sustainable alternative to traditional housing and RV living as well. The founders of the ESCAPE haven’t said anything about a gardening component just yet, but it would certainly be possible to set up an auxiliary garden patch on the property outside of your ESCAPE as well, leading to an envious state of sustainable living.

Written by the staff at Quality RV, one of the leading RV dealers in Missouri. Quality RV serves the entire state of Missouri, from St. Louis to Kansas City!