With more and more people turn to internet for buying and selling products and services, hacking and other related security threats are also increasing. In order to counter these threats, it is important to take some security measure. In this post you will read about some basic security tips to protect your money and business.

5 Tips To Secure Your Identity In E-Marketing

  1. Concentrate on Passwords

The Passwords are the first line of defense for your personal data. So it must be strong so no one can hack it. If anyone is using mobile internet on GPS then it can harm your privacy settings. It is better to keep power off GPS Settings.

  1. Monitor your Emails and Bank Statements

Emails and bank statements are directly connected with E-Marketing Processes. For Safety, keep focus on bank statement and credit cards dealings. Time by time checking of bank statements can help in identifying any unusual activity. Many hackers can access your personal data by using spam emails. Avoid such emails. Unknown emails should be kept separated. Do not download files even from friends and family unless you know the content of the file is secure.

  1. Protect your System from useless Websites

While browsing the internet, avoid using unknown websites, these sites might seems to be harmless when you first look at them but often turn out to be malicious, fake and add unnecessary toolbars and icons on your browser. While using Payments on Internet, always use trusted websites which have genuine owners and products, etc. One way to check if a website is safe for payment, the site will be using a secure server such as HTTPS, if it is not then avoid transactions on that site.

Phishing sites use fraudulent emails and web sites. Do not reply on websites that require your personal data, unless it is sent by your known contacts. Clear the history of your system whenever you use it to reduce the chances of data leakage.

  1. Insecure Networks

Now Wi-Fi connections are being generally used throughout the world which is an easy way of transferring and getting information by unknown users in networks especially in open Wi-Fi. It is highly recommended to use closed networks to maximize the possibility of reduced chances of hacking and viruses.

  1. Secure your Critical Data Regularly

It is necessary to prepare backup for your important and personal data from time to time. If your data is backed up properly, in case of hacking or virus attack you will be able to easily restore all your data.


To increase earnings, and to globalize your business, these small steps can help you achieve your goals and also reduce chances of security related threats. It can be a competitive tool for you and a confidence building measure for your clients. For complete secure solution you can also hire the services of top web designing company.