These days, the demand for video surveillance services are increasing by leaps and bounds. It is because a modern enterprise cannot be left unprotected at a time when robbery and stealing of expensive items often make news headlines. In the nineties, companies installed video surveillance systems in their offices for the protection of their expensive goods. But, these days, the motives for video surveillance have changed up to some extent.

These days, companies get CCTV installed in their offices not only to ensure control over theft and security but also to improve business processes. It helps project managers to control the work of their personnel online. The owners of cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, banks, and shops actively use CCTV cameras to protect their stuff and grow the business volume. Let’s see how.

1. Prevention of Crime & Stealing of Goods:

The prevention of crime is the most important benefits of CCTV Installation. The cameras make it clear to criminals that it is impossible to commit a crime without facing the due punishment. Seeing the cameras, a person who decided to commit a crime will lose all desire. There is a high possibility that he/she will his/her idea. Always keep in mind that the risk of an attacker’s visit to a place without observation is much greater than that of the protected objects.

Retail shops and small and medium business networks often face the problem of shoplifting. Since today’s situation helps thieves to sell stolen goods quickly, the number of thefts and crimes have increased a lot. If you install a video surveillance in your company, thefts are reduced by two or more times. So, it helps you to save your resources and use that money in business promotion and expansion.

2. Evidence Collection:

Records from CCTV cameras instantly resolve doubts in controversial situations. As per the law, employers can install CCTV cameras to legally follow what is happening in the office and adjacent territories, such as warehouses, utility rooms, etc. So, if anything wrong happens, police and law enforcement agencies immediately check the video footage of CCTV cameras and solve complicated cases easily and quickly.

3. A Sharp Improvement in Employee’s Productivity:

Many companies often face the problem of low productivity of workers. With video surveillance systems, many companies and enterprises can easily monitor the work of their employees on the floor. Employees of the enterprise knowing that they are under the supervision of management, don’t tend to violate labor discipline than when there is no control.

Always keep in mind that the ability to monitor the workflow and the safety of human lives is an important factor that enables the enterprise to avoid all sorts of excesses. For example, if you introduce video surveillance in production or in a warehouse, the possibility of loss of valuable items is reduced, not only because of the penetration of thieves, but also reduces the likelihood of unfairness of some employees who wish to appropriate something to themselves.
So, these days, almost all companies get video surveillance installed in the workplace to improve discipline and productivity of employees. The cameras will help to capture the moments when there was any tragic situation in the enterprise, understand the circumstances of the incident and find the perpetrators.

4. To Quash False Liability Lawsuits:

In corporate offices and business organizations, dexterous people always try to make use of the contribution of others as their own success and hold them liable if something goes haywire all of sudden Companies and firms often face false lawsuits. In such situations, CCTV footage helps them to verify the claims of people and reject false claims on the spot. Generally, lawyers advise their clients to wait for 4-6 months before filing a lawsuit against the companies. It is because the most surveillance footage is stored only for 4-6 months. After that, they are destroyed. So, in order to reject the false claims, many companies keep the lifetime storage of CCTV footage so that they can use it whenever any need arises.

5. To Stop the Sexual Harassment of Female Employees:

These days, females are working in almost all organizations and they have proven many times that they are not inferior to men. Despite all these success stories, the Sexual Harassment of Female Employees at the workplace is a dark reality. Actually, Sexual harassment is a form of violence against working women in which the head of a company unambiguously insists on intimacy by different means, such as persistent wooing, flirting, persuasion and other actions of the boss in relation to the employee against her will, etc. If CCTV camera is installed, police and law enforcement agencies can easily trace the culprit, punish him, and ensure the safety of females at the workplace.

Final Words:

CCTV installations bring several benefits to companies and business organizations. With its help, companies can stop the theft of its resources, monitor the performance of employees, and ensure the smooth operation of different business activities every day.


Author Bio: 

Lisa Cooper works as a writer for Fixtel, an Australian owned and operated telecommunications company to provide quality CCTV installation services. He is a web addict and spends too much time in front of the computer. When he manages to get away for more than 10 minutes, he will read books, travel or shoot photos.